Vibrating On the Frequency You Want To Be

Today I’m grateful for where I am in my life. I’m at a point that my sense of security isn’t tied to my bank account. My happiness isn’t determined by external circumstances. My heart is full, my family is healthy, and the opportunities in life are endless. I’ve been telling my mom that I have a really good feeling about 2017. I keep hearing it’s going to be my breakthrough year. I don’t know in what way exactly but it will be a great year for me.

The past couple of years have been ones of spiritual growth, connecting with myself, maturing, and sowing seeds. I feel like this year those seeds will finally sprout and will grow quickly bearing fruit. I’ve been dedicating myself to putting a lot of good out into the world in many ways and this year it’s going to start to come around full circle. 

My mom recently told me that she knows why 2017 will be such a great year for me. She said it’s because I’m vibrating at the level I want to be at. That made complete sense to me. I’m not going through life anxious, worried, or with an attitude of lacking. Even though my business isn’t where I see it, my bank account is tight, and I’m not successful in any traditional sense of the word, none of that matters. I cultivate happiness on a daily basis, I feel rich within, and I live my life now in the way I want to live when my circumstances mirror how I feel.

That doesn’t mean I’m going around spending money I don’t have in anticipation for when I will. What I mean is, I’m not waiting to be happy. I’m not waiting until I have appointments booked solid, until I can make purchases without having to decide between items or gas, and I’m not waiting to be rich to start giving back. I’m happy now even before my future clients have met me. I’m thankful for the day that I’ll have more than enough money to get by. I’m giving back my time and service now so it will be a lifestyle by the time I’m able to do so on a larger scale that impacts more lives.

I don’t live in a place of lacking, wanting or hope. Don’t get me wrong, hope is a great thing but it’s something I’ve had when I felt I had nothing else. I live in a place of cultivating what I want, a place of manifesting where I see myself, a place of feeling now the way I will as my vision comes to fruition. Today I’m thankful for going through life in a way that I have deep-rooted happiness regardless of my current circumstances.

What are your thoughts? Can you relate? Is this something you needed to hear? Feel free to share in the comments along with what you’re grateful for today. Happy Sunday ❤

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26 Replies to “Vibrating On the Frequency You Want To Be”

      1. Yes, that’s it. My regular posting is my priority. So I usually let it wait until I have little bit of time and gather the nominees on a separate sheet. I still have one Tag to answer, after that, I may change to Award Free blog because I have some regular thing to do with my blog now. 🙂 I have 9 or 10 awards and some quote challenges. That’s a good number already.

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      2. Yeah I always struggle with the award part. I love it because it connects the community, so that’s really what keeps me participating even though I don’t display the awards anymore. I’m honored for the nominations and I’m in it for the great time but I don’t like how cluttered the awards made my page.

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  1. Wow, you expressed exactly how I am feeling! This is my favorite part of blogging. Reading posts like this and being eager to say, me too, and thanks for expressing it so poignantly! It is such a wonderful feeling! I have not had the vibrancy and enthusiasm for life like I do right now, especially in the midst of bitter cold weather. I just talked today with my family about how rich we are despite having any surplus of money. We have everything we need and an excitement for life. Here’s to an enlightening and motivational 2017!☯❤

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    1. I’m so happy to meet you and so glad this resonated with you so deeply! I used to chase happiness and seldom caught it and when I did it was a fleeting moment. Now I understand why and cultivate it instead. I’ve never felt as rich as I do now! May 2017 be the beginning of many wonderful things to come ❤

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    1. That’s exactly right, you’re in the right place at the right time. Take small steps in the direction you want to go. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. 💖 Aww thank you, that means a lot to me 💖

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  2. Living at the next level of vibration. Sometimes I don’t know what the next level of vibration is….I just know it’s more than the negative moments. I agree tossing the conventional belief system leads to greater happiness and greater understanding of who we really are….because we have our focus on our truth instead of the to do list. I think any way…..

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