The Answer To Your Prayers

I didn’t post this yesterday because as I wrote it, I realized it was very simliar to a post I wrote a while back. The thing is, this message was given to me to share for a reason. If you read the similar post a few months ago maybe this is a reminder. If it’s the first time, then maybe this message was meant for you ❤

As a new year begins, people are generally in a place of hope. Hopeful that things will work out, things will come together, that this year will be better than the last. Today I want to offer you something to keep in mind for when you need it. So many times, we pray for a situation. In that time of vulnerability, need, and seeking guidance, we can fool ourselves into thinking the answer to our prayer will look a certain way. We think the answer will come packaged as the end result of what we’re praying about. A lot of times, that’s not the case. The answer to our prayers comes in the form of action. An action that we need to take to yield the results we hope for.

I encourage you to pray from a place of gratitude, manifest for the highest good of all living things, and co-create the life you dream of. You deserve it and you’re worth it.

So while you might be struggling with money and think winning the lottery is the solution, it might actually be a new job, a promotion, or a business venture. While you might be praying for a partner and think the perfect match will cross your path when you least expect it, the answer might lie in connecting with yourself, getting to know yourself better, or investing in yourself in a way you’ve been putting off. You might be looking for a change in a situation or a person. The Divine likely won’t change the situation or person, but you will get guidance as to what you can learn, how you can influence a change, or that the change lies within you.

Prayer isn’t like a genie in a lamp. It’s not for us to request and our every demand be met. Personally, for me, prayer is extending my immense gratitude for the things in my life. It’s non-stop thanks from the bottom of my heart for the things requested and unsaid that I’ve been given. I don’t ask, hope, or plead when I pray. I give thanks for those things coming to fruition that are in my highest good. Meditation is the opposite. It’s me being absolutely quiet as I wait to receive Divine guidance. It’s opening my heart and being open to receiving the messages giving me guidance and direction to the next steps I need to take for my prayers to be answered.

Was this post for you? Was it a timely message? Feel free to share in the comments ❤

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