Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear

If you know me, you know that I am always feeding my mind and soul. One of the ways I do so is by reading or watching talks. It’s easy to press play on a Youtube video to listen to as I go about my day. One thing that caught my attention was a talk I watched where a photographer named Sue Bryce was discussing fear. The particular talk was related to photography and business but she was taking it to a really deep place. She talked about people being afraid to do things when in reality it wasn’t fear at all. It’s really about allowing your self-depreciation to be the loudest voice.

I know what it’s like and it can be really hard to know how to shut that voice up, but it’s so important! Funny enough, this is something I address in the book I’m working on finishing. I’m very excited to share it with you, I’ll keep you posted on the updates. I think a lot of us spend too much time letting that voice be the driving force of our decisions. I want to challenge you to face your fear and call it by its real name. A lot of times we refer to it as “fear of (insert real name here)”. Could be failure or rejection. Don’t stop there, call it out by its full name because the reality is, that “fear” is rooted within a part of us we feel is inadequate. Not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, strong enough, dedicated enough, not (fill in here) enough. Whatever you inserted into not enough is where you might want to focus your attention.

Face that self-depreciation that’s masking itself under the disguise of fear! Don’t allow that to be the wind in your sails any longer! I encourage you to move forward courageously!

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I have appointments available for worthiness coaching. This is what I specialize in! I can help you face and work through those feelings of not being enough. If you’re at a place that you want to discover that you’re more than enough, I encourage you to take a look at the coaching packages I offer.

What are your thoughts? Did you need to hear this today?

8 Replies to “Self-Depreciation Masked As Fear”

      1. Yes!!! That’s what that voice has taught me 😊 I’m so excited to tell you the book will be sent to you before you know it! I’m getting very close to completing this round of editing. One more and I think it will be ready for my beta readers 😇🙏💖

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