Teachable Tuesday

Today I’m blending my parenting post I missed yesterday with my teachable post for today’s topic. If I could give one piece of advice to my daughter as she hits her early adult years and tries to find her way in the world, it would be to follow her heart. Of course, that’s at least 10 years away, but I believe she’ll be comfortable following her heart because I’m teaching her to do that now. 

I remember trying to decide what to study, if I should even pursue schooling at all, and trying to decide on a career choice. Where I went wrong was by trying to focus on what marketable skills I had. I tried to correlate everything to how it would translate into the corporate world. What I should have done was focused more on what I loved. My mom told me to do that but I didn’t do it properly. I didn’t value the gifts, talents, and passions within me. I didn’t see how my natural ability to easily connect with people would help me start my own business, I didn’t understand that having multiple passions was a great way to add various streams of income as an entrepreneur, I didn’t know that the fulfillment feeding my creativity would motivate me more than a year-end bonus.

So what I’ll do is help my daughter identify the things she loves. Have her pay attention to the things she loses track of time doing. I’ll encourage her to try as many things as possible. I won’t push her to pick a major when she’s still discovering who she is as a person. I’ll give her the support she needs to try as many things as it takes. I’ll do all of this, because at 30 this is what my mom has had to do for me, because I didn’t understand what she meant when she told me to follow my heart. Now I’ve just celebrated my 1st anniversary of turning 30 and am building my second business that incorporates worthiness coaching, Reiki, and photography. These are three different things that I’ve tied together so my business is built on passions that I can feed that provide service to the world.

I encourage you to follow your heart, I’ve found it rarely leads you astray. The only things I’ve looked back on my life and wish I’d done were things I didn’t listen to my heart about to begin with. I hope this is the encouragement you needed today. I know I’ve talked about following your heart recently but this is really the message I feel lead to share. It’s both to encourage you and myself. Starting a new venture that looks different is scary, but I know it’s right for me. Now I have to trust that the universe will pay me back to the same degree at which I sow into it- wise words an instructor gave during the life coaching course I took.

What are your thoughts? Did you need to hear this today? 


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10 Replies to “Teachable Tuesday”

    1. I’m so happy to hear that. Blogging was the first step to really following my heart. I love to write especially with purpose, and there’s nothing I enjoy doing more than connecting and encouraging others ❤

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    1. I love that! Thank you for sharing! I agree, I’ll follow my heart over my head hands down (especially when it scares me most because that’s pushing me out of my comfort zone and I usually have the most to gain!).

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  1. I am so glad and proud that you are following your heart and dreams… many times it takes a lot of courage… and that is what you are doing now. I love you, Mom.

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    1. Some days I think I’m crazy but most days I think it’s exciting, exactly where I’m supposed to be, and I’ll look back and think “I did it anyway, and it brought me great joy, laughter, abundance, and family time”.

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