I had a surprise planned to reveal this week but it’s been postponed a couple of weeks. I didn’t want to not deliver on my word, so I decided to reveal a different surprise instead. Sign up is now open for the 2nd annual Kindness Challenge! You can find all of the details on the 2017 Kindness Challenge page by clicking on the photo below. Feel free to share this in your neighborhood both blogosphere and everyday life alike! I’d love to get as many people to participate and focus on kindness as possible. I encourage you to sign up as a family, office, group of friends, mom’s group, or however you can incorporate it into the lives of those closest to you!

2017 KindnessChallenge Participant.png

Once you sign up, be sure to save this badge and add it to your blog’s sidebar, social media, or as your profile picture to show your support as a participant in the challenge! Feel free to link it to the 2017 sign up page for easy access. This year’s tag will be the same so we can read each other’s reflections and gain momentum for the kindness revolution- use #revofkindness on social media or revofkindness as a WordPress tag.

The 2017 challenge begins May 7th! Let’s get as many people to participate as possible. Spread the word by reblogging or sharing on social media.

The main quote of the 2017 challenge ❤

Remember, there’s no need to be a blogger to participate. To sign up only a name is required. Non-bloggers can participate by posting their reflection at the end of the week on social media or not at all if they prefer. This is about coming together and having as many people focus on creating a ripple effect of kindness to make a positive impact on the world around us. Together, we can create a ripple big enough to cause a wave that raises the tide!

If you didn’t hear about the challenge earlier this year, check out this post to see an example of what the prompt posts looked like.

Did you sign up last year? Do you plan on signing up for the 2017 challenge? Share in the comments!

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