Random Acts of (blogging) Kindness

I love to search for blogs to read based on tags. I’ll type in a word for whatever I’m in the mood for reading. Today I felt lead to uplift people, so I typed “mental health” in the tag search and began to read posts with that tag. I quickly found a lot of people that were hurting, struggling, and longing for connection. I decided to leave a quick little note on their posts. Just something to let them know they were seen, not just that I read their post. I wanted them to know I knew that struggle, I knew that pain, I knew that hurt, and they weren’t alone. They had opened up and poured their heart out and I could see their loneliness in their words.

In the comments, I just shared a positive takeaway that I got from their post. No matter how down, dark, or sad their post was, there was a little hint of positivity in each of them. So I watered that seed of positivity. It just made me realize that we can help people and make a difference without knowing them, meeting them, or even leaving our house. I encourage you to go in search of posts based on tags that touch your heart. Leave a word of encouragement or a compliment. You never know the profound impact such a small gesture that doesn’t cost you more than some keystrokes in a few seconds can do. ❤

18 Replies to “Random Acts of (blogging) Kindness”

    1. I love my blogging community. I was so surprised by the depth of the connections I’ve made. I just started blogging in February but this has been such an amazing journey! I’ve met so many kindred spirits. Absolutely love this part of my life ❤

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    1. Good for you! Keep putting light out into the universe! It’s amazing the sense of community and connection! I wasn’t expecting that when I started blogging this year. It’s so amazing to get to know people’s stories and form a bond with them. I have friends all over the world! I grew up in a military family so I already knew people all over but it’s fun to make friends with people and feel like you’ve known them all of you life even though you’ve never met in person. ❤

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    1. Thank you, I didn’t mention it to toot my own horn. Just wanted to highlight there are many ways to give back and help others. Having a young family makes it difficult to volunteer but this is also a way I can help others ❤


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