The Other Side of Normal

As a creative, I have to confess there’s nothing that kills my motivation more than monotony! I know something about myself and that is while some people are great and content focusing all of their time and energy on one thing, that would drive me crazy (and it did for years). I’ve dedicated the majority of my adult life to trying to live a “normal” life. Having the respectable job with benefits and steady pay and playing by the societal rules. I gave it a try and it didn’t work for me for the 10+ years I did. That life isn’t for me.

I contemplated incorporating photography into my business. I thought about using a different name and having it completely separate. After all, who’s ever heard of a life coaching Reiki practicing photographer? Then I realized there are many people from all walks of life that do photography and other arts on the side, why not just incorporate it into my business? Ultimately that’s what I’ve decided to do. The beauty of having my own business is that I can make it look however I want. While it might seem haphazard, it’s a direct reflection of who I am as a person. I know that if a client doesn’t like what my business looks like, they aren’t my client so it doesn’t really matter. I’m ok with not being everyone’s cup of tea.

So while the vision for my business incorporates a few different areas (Life Coaching, Reiki, and photography) they aren’t as unrelated as they may seem. Aside from being things that I’m passionate about set my soul on fire, they’re also about connection. Connecting with people and making a difference in their lives. I could dedicate my business to one thing but I know my clients will get the best of me if I’m actively fueling the different parts of me that make me who I am and have a business that utilizes my gifts. This versatility is what feeds my creativity, passion, and motivation (something that didn’t have a place in my corporate life). Now that that’s behind me, I’m going to do what feels right!

This is to encourage you to pursue your passion. There’s no template you have to fill in for what your life has to look like. You don’t have to make choices because they’re safe. You don’t have to sacrifice your creativity. You don’t have to tone down who you are. Follow your heart because it rarely leads you astray. Whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t, do it! Would you rather regret doing it or not having tried?

Are you following your heart? Is this the confirmation or encouragement you needed today? Feel free to share in the comments ❤

12 Replies to “The Other Side of Normal”

  1. Your opening line is powerful Niki. It’s taken me a log while to realise that myself. A cycle of doing the same thing over and over to avoid thinking “Hey, this actually sucks, so what are you going to do about it?”

    I think it can be an artefact of raising children too. Not that I’m saying that is a bad thing. It’s not and probably the best thing I’ve ever done…well am doing….it’s never a past tense ! Trouble is if one is careless, you can lose your own identity….doing for others and ignoring your own need….that mindfulness thing again.

    I’m very impressed with your direction since realising that…proud of you even. And sharing that experience in your life coaching is just amazing.

    So glad I stumbled onto you meet and greet all those months ago x

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    1. Funny enough it’s the story of my life. I’ve always been in search of a job that would challenge me, stimulate me, provide me with regular opportunities to grow, and learn all the while fulfilling me. Someone might have been able to find all of these in a corporate job but I’m not that one. I’d enjoy each job in the beginning but once the initial learning curve was a straight and narrow, I’d fantasize about the next job. When I quit my corporate life in 2013 it was with the full intention of living a life of purpose on purpose.

      It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies but the challenges and sacrifices have been worth it. In that time since, I’ve discovered so many things about myself, connected with myself, enriched myself, and grown as a person in so many ways. It’s easy for me to take the next step and figure out what direction I want to go in because I’m in tune with myself and my steps support my journey and are in alignment with who I am.

      It’s easy to fall into routine but the good thing is as a fellow creative, I know you can find ways to shake things up. Even if there are things that have to be done day in and day out, that doesn’t mean there’s no room to change how they’re done. When it comes to the mundane I try to change my perspective so that it’s positive even if I don’t initially like it. When it comes to monotony in the sense of work, doing the same mindless empty tasks is soul-sucking for me. So I’ve exchanged the steady paycheck, retirement plan, and health benefits for fulfillment, making a difference, and using my gifts on a daily basis.

      Thank you for your words Gary. I’m so glad that we connected! I always enjoy our conversations. You have everything that you need to build life the way you want it. I encourage you to find clarity in stillness, your inner knowing always shows you the next step when you slow down to hear it ❤

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      1. Agreed…same stuff day in day out does erode enthusiasm. It’s about balance…something has to be there to offset the chores. That, for me, needs better I can see where things exist outside the mundane. Unfortunately long years of not realising that have left a default mind scar that’s difficult to lift up at times. It’s probably why I have inside views on some topics…Been there, done that and am wearing the T-shirt. Mind you, I did sit and list the positives from this year and how to use those embark on the next phase in the coming year. Top of the list is finding a publishing method that suits me. I know around that their are many challenges to overcome…some of which are extremely out of my comfort zone.

        And yes, serendipitous a connection it may have been, but I still remember engaging in conversation thinking this is very like meeting an old friend that I’ve not seen in a while…no messing about and straight into chatting 😊

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      2. What works for me is treating myself. For every hour I spend doing mundane things, I give myself 15 minutes to do something I want. I feel a lot more productive working on a blog post, editing a photo, or working on a pending project for 15 minutes than I do tending to my house. I know it has to be done so my reward to myself is doing something that fulfills me. I feel a lot more accomplished that way and it helps me stay on task because I tend to drag my feet when it’s something I don’t enjoy doing…

        Best of luck with the publishing endeavor. I’m going the self publishing route early next year. I’ll have to do some investigation when it comes to the print form but I just want to get my work out there and if I let the print format dictate it…it might not ever get out there.

        The feeling is mutual!

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      3. You know, in order to write an average of 2000 words a day during NaNo, that is exactly what I had to do. It’s since then that I’ve eased back. On my post about it I described it as jelly head…very intense…then the Christmas season began with school stuff and running about. It may just be the time if year has not allowed me to kick start again. I’m listing thungs I need to fort out in the New Year though. Blank canvas approach. I remember doing that last year too….blogging and social media. That was a challenge back then and the next part of the process is publishing. My deficit there is needing to be sure I’ve covered the bases and got the layout formatted right….then there’s book cover design, which platform to launch through and….breathe!!!
        We can, of course rise up and through all that 😊

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      4. Sounds like you have the right idea. Just take it a day at a time. The holidays will be over soon so maybe just giving into them, enjoying them, and leaving this until afterwards will help.

        I hear ya! I think I’m going to self-publish and promote through my blog, social circles, and use Smashwords as the medium for the digital format. I don’t know why but Amazon doesn’t feel right for me right now. Maybe in the future who knows. I was able to come up with a concept for my cover and have a friend that’s going to help me bring it to fruition. I’m thinking of using for the format. They have an ebook template so I think that might be my best bet for quality and budget (it’s free) 😉

        I wish I could help but this is my first time in this territory so I’m just reading as much as I can to get more well-versed.

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      5. Yes, I rather think little will be achieved during the holiday period, well nothing constructive writing wise. Little point stressing though and acceptance of the situation is probably the best solution. I find CreateSpace an easier system to deal with. I know it’s Amazon controlled, but it just seemed easier to navigate. Although, from the UK, I’d prefer something based here. CANVA I use a lot for playing with blog graphics too.
        As for reading about it…I think I’ve done that to the point of really confusing myself…the more I dig up, the more uncertain I get….a less is more scenario!

        I have decided to pause that process though until the new year.!

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      6. I love Canva! Oh I know exactly what you mean about reading to get more info on the process. Actually that stopped my writing process in it’s tracks. I got so twisted up in options, advice, etc. that I was overwhelmed! I decided to stick to the writing and pass that portion of the process off to my mom. She’s in the legal field and is better at going through stuff like that. I’m too emotionally attached so it’s harder for me to go through the conflicting information in a methodical way. I decided that was the best way for me to get the information and move on with the writing process.

        I’m glad you’ve made a decision that works for you. Hopefully you can refresh during this pause and come back with a renewed sense of purpose and energy 🙂

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      7. I use it a lot for blog headers and the like. I think Google is not always your friend when researching things in that area. Mixed reviews tend to bring in uncertainty. Do you trust the good ones or the bad ones, or neither? I prefer a more methodical approach myself, which is not easy because that tells me to trust neither review….bit of a problem with that approach. Hence the step away, finish new project. Go back to publishing and while that process goes on, edit the new one. Too much going on now with Christmas looming so enter the new year with new purpose 😊

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  2. Love this post! Thanks for sharing part of your story. I wish I knew how to “follow my heart,” but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do. If you could start from 10+ years ago and knew you wouldn’t enjoy having the “respectable job,” would you have chosen the path of starting your own business right away then? Just curious. 🙂

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    1. I wouldn’t have been able to because I didn’t know myself well enough. I could have started “a” business but it wouldn’t look like the vision of the business I have today. I wouldn’t change anything because it’s all helped me become who I am. I’ve learned lessons and gained experience and it’s taught me to believe in myself. I have a foundation now so that even though it’s hard, I know what I don’t want and it pushes me so I don’t have to have a fall back plan.

      Getting to know yourself is very important when it comes to following your heart. If you don’t know where to begin, be still. Pay attention to what excites you, what makes your heart race, what peaks your interest. Jot down the thoughts you have when you aren’t guiding your them anywhere.

      I meditate and that’s when I get my clearest guidance. I also pay attention to my gut because that gut instinct is rarely wrong.

      Think back to when you were a kid. What kinds of things did you like to do? What did you want to be when you grew up? Even if it wasn’t one thing, what did all of those things have in common? What was it about those things that made you want to do them? Go back to when times were more simple and you did things for the pleasure and not responsibility. I hope at least one of those help.

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      1. Thank you so much for this information! I’m glad to hear that you’ve learned from your past and it’s helping you today. I actually took a meditation class in college and really loved it, but after graduating, I’ve stopped doing it. This is a great reminder for me to get back on it!

        I actually never knew what I wanted to be as a kid or growing up. I entered college as an “undeclared” major and tried out various areas but never felt like there was one particular thing that I wanted to pursue full-on. I will try to pay more attention to things that excite me and peak my interest. Thanks for these tips! Really appreciate it. 🙂


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