The day I’ve been waiting for finally arrived and I’m ready to share it with you! As you know, I recently completed a 10-week introduction to photography course at my local community center. I am so pleased with the quality of information provided! I just signed up for the advanced course which begins in January and runs through the end of March. I look forward to growing my skills and will continue practicing regularly.

The photos my group hung.


I went to the community center in the morning to help set up and hang the photos. I brought my little one along and she was so incredibly good, head cold and all! We worked in groups of threes and it took my group three hours to hang our section of roughly 15 photos. We wanted to get them just right making sure they were hung level, we had the perfect amount of space between photos, and that we didn’t damage them so they could be hung in the homes of their owners.

This is about as dressed up as I get…


We were ready to go the moment my husband walked through the door from work. There were roughly 100 photos displayed and I have to say it would have been worth paying to go because there were some really spectacular photos. It was amazing to see the work that me peers had done and an incredible feeling to see them hung so beautifully in that environment. The photos will be displayed for three weeks at which time I can go pick them up and hang them in their new place in my daughter’s room.

The princess in real life! Me proud of my work! So exciting to see it on display!


About two hours after the expo began, our videos were played. I loved seeing all of the creative ideas everyone came up with for their photo-based stories. If you didn’t see mine the first time around, I’ll share it with you again.

After the videos, the certificates were distributed and we headed home. I’m so thankful my husband signed me up for this course. It has been so exciting to learn how to take photos like a professional. I’ve been challenged and had to push myself. There were many times I felt defeated or thought maybe this wasn’t for me. I decided not to give into that and figure out ways to get around what challenged me. I’m so glad that I stuck it out!

My husband was feeling sick but went to support me anyway. My instructor doing what she does best besides photography- making people laugh. My littlest love photobombing me. The front row of the group shot.


I’m currently contacting a few local photographers whose work I respect and admire to see if they could use an assistant. So far I’ve only heard back from one and it was a gentle let down, but all it takes is for one to give me a chance. I’m going to keep practicing, offer some complimentary sessions, and start building my skills and portfolio. As a creative, I don’t believe I have to put myself into just one box. If I have to be in a box then I’ll have an infinite amount of compartments- and photography is taking up one of the bigger ones. If you’d like to follow my photography inspired stories, check out my blog I’ve created to share those specifically.

I’ll leave you with the images of the photos themselves for good measure 😉

Fairest of Them All.jpg
Fairest of Them All


Wishes & Kisses


13 Replies to “Expo”

  1. Hi Niki, congratulations on your “graduation” and a successful exhibition. Your two final selects are so beautiful, radiating portraits! You and your family will treasure them forever! Already looking forward what you’ll accomplish in the advanced course, wish you much success! Also best wishes for finding a gig as an assistant with a pro photographer, keep trying, perseverance will pay off. You have eye to start your own portrait business, that for sure. Collecting some more practical experiences from a pro working for customers can’t hurt. Keep going! Marcus

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement Marcus. I really appreciate your kind words and feedback. I had a lot of fun taking the photos and could ready see myself enjoying that incorporated in my business 🙂

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    1. Thank you. You’d think it would be the easiest and most natural thing in the world to follow your heart but I’ve had to build up courage and take risks. It’s been worth it though! ❤


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