Nothing Short of a Miracle|Niki Meadows Candids

This is an interesting story of something that happened recently. I decided to post about it on my photography blog because I was able to secretly capture this great shot. I didn’t want you to miss out on the story though so I’m sharing here also. Loving this animal candid photo ❤

My neighbor’s dog nearly passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was under the vet’s care for a week, and two days in the vet was preparing the family to put the dog down.

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6 Replies to “Nothing Short of a Miracle|Niki Meadows Candids”

    1. I know!! I get the chills every time I see him. He’s so rambunctious and full of life! I can’t believe how close he was to not making it to his first birthday. That little dog has motivated me in ways I never expected. 💖

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      1. It doesn’t seem like it so far. He’s responded very well he has two weeks left on his medication before they check and see if he needs to continue on it. Thank goodness he’s young and resilient.

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