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I’m reading Lisa Nichols’s “Abundance Now”. It’s really good! My husband and I read a couple of sections of a chapter together at night. We answer the questions from the book aloud and I make a note of the bigger questions. We can’t seem to make it through a whole chapter because there are so many good points to discuss! I’m really enjoying examining my life and painting an even brighter future!

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions because I always find myself forgetting about them before Easter. I am going to put some thought and action into my intentions for next year though. There are several amazing things going on in my life that I’d like to keep the momentum going and build upon it. I’m going to make 2017 a breakthrough year for me and this book is the perfect one to support me and my husband with our intentions. I’ll do a separate post in the coming weeks listing some of my 2017 intentions.

What are you currently reading? Have you put any thought into your 2017 intentions yet? What about action to go along with it?  Feel free to share in the comments! ❤

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    1. Me too, I don’t know why but it feels so much better to me than a resolution…I set my intentions regularly but a new year is definitely the time to see the big picture, set my goals, and map how I’m going to get there! 🙂

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    1. I loooove biographies and autobiographies! It’s so inspiring to see how people got to where they are usually overcoming struggles, difficulties, and at sometimes defying the odds.

      We’ve been reading together off and on ever since we started dating. I’m a bookworm and we’re both dyslexic, he didn’t enjoy reading as much because it was a struggle so I read aloud and we both get to benefit from the magic of books 🙂

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      1. I agree! They are so motivating! I always think well, now i really have no excuse not to do this scary thing or to not succeed.
        It’s so sweet that you read to him. I love hearing about little things like that in relationships!
        Do you have a fav autobiography or biography?

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      2. Right?! Definitely eye opening. I love to meet new people and learn about their stories. That’s one thing that’s motivating me to keep going with photography beyond a personal hobby. I’d love to travel and capture candid photos of people and try to capture their personality, character, and part of their story in an image.

        Yeah I’m mildly dyslexic where he’s treading in the severely dyslexic territory. So it makes it a lot easier for him to listen than to read and reread.

        Oooh that’s really hard to choose. I’d have to say the one that has stood out the most in my mind even years after reading it was probably the Diary of Anne Frank. What about yours?

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      3. I love the reasoning behind your photography :)) and Idk about true biographies, but a book i read recently was a true story and biographical, and it was called Boys in the Boat. It’s about a college rowing team & the hardships the main character faces. It’s crazy motivational & emotional. Anne Frank is so good.

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      4. Thank you 🙂 I’ve always wanted to travel for work but when I traveled for my corporate job it was all work and no play. So now, I’m going to have travel high on my priority list as I get my own business off of the ground. Ultimately I’d love to homeschool my kids, purchase an RV and go wherever work takes us at a pace that allows us to enjoy the sites, towns, and get to know the area like the locals. 🙂

        I haven’t read that one, but I’ll have to check it out. Sounds interesting. I’ve heard they train really hard! They just had an Anne Frank expo at my local community center. Took my 8 year old to learn about that part of history but she started crying a few minutes into it so we had to leave that for another time…

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      5. Your travelling with the fam in an RV dream is more common than I thought! I keep meeting people who want that lifestyle too. It would be an adventure!
        And your daughter seems so sweet. You can tell she has a big heart. Also, that seems like my kinda expo!

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      6. Yeah I’ve met a lot of people both online and in person that dream of that as well. It was a retirement dream of ours but that’s so far away I couldn’t imagine letting my whole life passing me by and not including my kids in on it!

        She is. She’s such an attentive big sister and compassionate person. Yeah, I know Anne Frank’s story well but it hits me really hard every time I read anything about it.

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