Raise the Tide

I love the idea that by being your best you don’t outshine anyone else or take away from what they have to offer. I find today’s quote motivating because it’s inspiring that being my best not only benefits me but those around me. If you can do your best, be your best, raise the tide, that helps everyone around you. I attend a lot of webinars and watch a lot of informational videos on Youtube. It’s because of those that have gone before me and are willing to educate that helps me get better. I also intend to pay it forward, not when I’m a great success, not when I have “enough” money, not when I think I have it made, but right now where I’m at. Thank you to all of you contributing to raising the tide in your field and in your walk of life.

“The rising tide lifts all the boats.”Kennedy.png

8 Replies to “Raise the Tide”

  1. That really helped this morning, i’ve just returned to work and it really is true, peoples mood can effect you just as you can effect peoples mood, if we just try with positive intentions then that should cause a positive mood. Well in theory anyway. I’ve come to work and with a few uplifting smiles, my mood is already on the up.

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  2. I love this quote, and it is true.

    Last night, my Accomplice came home with the news that he’d been fired from the job he’d had only six weeks or so, This could be traumatic, and it’s definitely a disappointment. He had such high hopes when he started there, but, within three weeks, he had the most seniority of any of the cooks in this shiny new kitchen. There were other alarm bells, but he was willing to stay and do his best until he found something better.

    We used our savings during his prior unemployment, and this will be a lean time for us, financially.

    And yet…

    He’s free of a job that was increasingly stressful and disappointing. We’re going to have more family time; he didn’t have to drive into work in wintry weather today. And our family isn’t in turmoil; today is rolling out peacefully and comfortably.

    Lean times financially; rich times emotionally.

    “Raising the tide” is going to become my new mantra.

    Thank you! May I add this to my reblog pool, please?

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I know what it’s like to go through hard times financially but you have a great perspective- lean times financially, rich times emotionally. I’m so glad you find this post timely and encouraging. I’d be honored, use it as you may. Better times are ahead, lean into those rich moments and keep moving ahead together ❤


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