Apprenticeship- Do people even do that anymore?

*UPDATE at the end of the post*

We went to my grandparents’ house for lunch today to celebrate my birthday. We arrived in the town they live in an hour early to walk around and check out the holiday decor. My husband happened to see a charming little photography studio that just opened up. He stopped in for them to print off our family Christmas cards while the girls and I looked around at the Christmas decor. My husband told me the owner complimented our family pictures and he informed him I had taken them. He also showed him the photos I’m going to print for the expo next week (he said those were great!). My husband told me about their conversation and said I had to stop by and check out the studio; so I crossed the street to take a peek. It was so beautiful! All white with a very simple and fresh interior (my favorite!).

The owner was so nice! Knowing that I was new to photography he showed me around the studio, let me see his set up, and check out his gear. I couldn’t help but think how funny it was that on the drive to my grandparents’ I was telling my husband I wanted to see if I could be an intern, apprentice, or second (let’s be real- third, fourth, or fifth shooter) for a photographer. Not 10 minutes after we park does my husband find this beautiful little studio that just opened a few weeks ago!

When I got home, I checked out their website and Instagram. Their images were absolutely gorgeous. The photographer has been in business for years but just recently decided to open up a studio. If you’ve been following me, you know I don’t believe in coincidences. I wrestled with the idea of sending the studio owner an email asking for an apprenticeship. Do people even do that anymore? What are we in the era of the knights of the round table? I went ahead and sent it anyway. I figured worst case scenario he’d say no. Maybe the timing isn’t right, maybe he doesn’t need an assistant or apprentice or intern. Maybe he already has one. On the other hand, what if he says yes? How amazing would it be to learn from someone with so much experience that’s making a living as a photographer?

I’ll keep you posted on what he says. Either way, I’m excited! I’m absolutely loving photography. I love being open to possibilities. I love going where the path leads me, taking chances, and living in the moment. On the one hand, I think “you’re crazy! How are you going to add photography into your life?” On the other hand I think “why not? It’s my life and my business and I can do things however they feel right!”. So yeah it might be a little crazy to be a Reiki practicing, life coaching, photographer.  As a creative, there’s nothing that sucks me dry faster than monotony. So this also makes sense for me. While they seem completely unrelated I can see those being separate branches of the same business that also intertwine.

So whether I can add a photography apprenticeship to my life experience or not, I’m moving forward with photography with the intention of incorporating it into my life and business. I encourage you to push yourself, try something new, and take a risk. There’s always a chance you’ll fail, but if you don’t try you fail automatically!

*I heard back from the studio, it wasn’t a yes but it wasn’t a no. He said he’d keep me in mind should a future opportunity arise. So now the ball is in his court. Should I cross his mind, he has my information and he can contact me. I’m really glad I reached out and I look forward to hearing from him should he decide to. In the meantime, I’m going to keep practicing and developing my skills especially since I know the type of photography I want to specialize in. 

When’s the last time you took a risk? Feel free to share in the comments!

15 Replies to “Apprenticeship- Do people even do that anymore?”

    1. Thanks 🙂 That’s true. While I have experience in many things, photography isn’t one of them. I love to learn and figured this would be a great way. I always think internships are for younger people but I’m not going to limit myself 🙂 Happy Monday!


  1. I think this is great! Just this week I asked another coach who is a bit further along in her career if she would consider being my mentor (I haven’t heard back yet either so maybe we can keep our fingers crossed for each other). It was the same sort of feeling. Excited but nervous! Good luck, I hope it works out for you : )

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      1. It’s ok. I’m still excited about it. He could have ignored me or been less gracious about it. Everything works out the way it’s supposed to. I’m open to wherever the path may lead! 🙂

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