As a kid, I was always in a rush to grow up. I couldn’t wait to hit the next milestone or for the next stage of my life to begin. As my birthday approaches, I look back and realize how much I missed out on in my own life because I was looking forward to what was to come. I thought I’d share one thing I’ve learned for each decade I’ve been alive.

  1. The importance of living in the moment- they say every moment is a memory in the making. In order to have vivid memories, you have to be present in the moment.
  2. Follow your heart- It’s the best guide on how to live your life. Whether it’s an isolated choice or a path to pursue, I’ve found the most fulfillment and best results following what makes my heart race and sets my soul on fire.
  3. Love yourself more than anyone else- I’ve found the best stages in my life have been when I’ve loved myself deeply and made choices based on that love. I’ve been a better partner, mother, daughter, and person in general. I make choices that are in alignment with my values and don’t compromise myself in a negative way.

As I step a year further into my 30’s I’m pleasantly surprised with how I feel about it. As I neared my mid-twenties I was anxious, depressed, and dreaded getting older. Now I feel like I have so much to look forward to, so much to accomplish, and my whole life is ahead of me waiting for me to make the most of it! I feel wiser but realize I have so much more to learn. I feel more mature yet I don’t take myself too seriously. I know that I’m older but I’ve gotten more in touch with my inner child. I care less about my age and more about what I have to contribute to the good in the world.

What are your thoughts on this post? Do any of the lessons resonate with you? Do you have a life lesson that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear the wisdom you have to pass on, feel free to share in the comments!

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