Morning Stroll & Pastries|Whatever Wednesday

The pursuit of photography continues. I’m practicing the new elements I learn in class each week. I’m working on getting quicker on my feet with the focusing. Kids give me a heck of a practice exercise! They definitely aren’t still subjects. One shot I’m focusing in one area and then I’m rushing to switch it to the other side. The focus is soft or in the wrong place in some of the photos but they were too precious not to share. As my instructor says, not all photos will be great some will just be about capturing the moment. So here’s to the moments I was able to capture!

I loved the color and look of this rustic door, perfect excuse for a quick pic!


We went for a little stroll and enjoyed a beautiful morning walk.




We popped into a rural hotel for breakfast. The outdoor courtyard was charming! A cute little patio with relics decorating the corners.

Playing shy with the server.
Waiting for the food.
She loves to clink glasses before meals. Salud!
Here’s one where I wasn’t quick on the focus. It was in the bottom left and I didn’t have time to focus on her face and capture that laugh! So here’s a soft focus with a gorgeous expression. 

The walk continued after breakfast. My oldest is in love with fancy dresses. I thought this was a great shot! Contemplating a future hobby or career…

Future fashionista.

There always seems to be room for dessert…

Can sissy have a bite?
Who’s pastry was better? Tough call I know.

I hope you enjoyed the summary of our recent morning walk. I’m having a great time practicing and I’m grateful my family is so willing to support me. I have two great little subjects to practice developing my skills with.

What’s the most recent family moment you enjoyed together? Feel free to share in the comments!

15 Replies to “Morning Stroll & Pastries|Whatever Wednesday”

    1. Thank you! Oh we aren’t innocent, they have screen time but I am mindful to limit it and weekends, evenings, and holidays it’s almost non-existent. The girls have so much fun when we play games, use our imagination, or occupy our time outdoors. I want them to make memories they can look back on not recite episodes they watched 😉

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      1. I know its definitely a balancing act, I do not have children currently but I do have 3 nieces whom I babysit from time to time. And even that is exhausting at times. I share the same view as you do with the whole memories they can look back on! I can tell you’re an awesome, loving momma. Hope you keep posting more good stuff 😉

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      2. It’s funny because I grew up babysitting and it’s so different when the kids are yours. Sure I have days that I’m wiped out but there’s a very different dynamic. I find parenting much easier than babysitting. Thank you very much. I always say I was born to be a mom. I look forward to connecting with you more. Have a great rest of the week! ❤

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    1. Thank you! It really captures a lot of elements about her. Even though the quality isn’t where I want it, there’s so much of what makes her who she is in this picture I don’t even care about the quality 🙂


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