Brag About Your Partner!

I love to hear the beautiful things people have to say about their partner. This week I want to know something your partner has taught you about life or about yourself. Feel free to share in the comments! Happy Saturday everyone.

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10 Replies to “Brag About Your Partner!”

  1. My husband once told me…
    to learn how to live in the moment.. and for the moment..

    I was so jealous 😒 and insecure 😟 and when he tried to spend some time with me to make feel loved and to show me he loves spending time with me..
    I would keep badgering him about my doubts.. accusing him of cheating..

    So one day he turned to me and asked.. “who am I with???
    “Where am I now????…
    When I answered with me…

    He said.. okay then ..
    why can’t you just enjoy 😊 me.. enjoy the Time I’m spending with you..

    I’m here with you.. but you keep nagging me about others..
    Let me enjoy 😊 your company.. make me happy 😊 to be here with you..
    and then I won’t want to go anywhere else but here with you..

    I didn’t know how to respond to him.. other than shut up 🤐 and hug 🤗 him close.. and smile at how foolish I was..

    I have learned just to enjoy him as much as I could after that…

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  2. My partner has taught me that second chances really do exist, and they can be pretty freaking sweet! Five years ago, I was living in a different state, engaged to a wonderful man, white-picket fence, the whole shebang. And then, wham! Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He passed away not even two months into chemotherapy due to how severely it compromised his immune system. I was absolutely devastated. My whole life had just been shaken with what felt like the blink of an eye. After some time to recover, I realized that the best move for me was to branch out and explore something new. Moved to a different state, a new city, met new people and started a new career. But there was always that hole in me that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to fill again. A hole I didn’t even know if it was right for me to fill.

    But when I met my partner, oh, man. It really opened my eyes to the idea of second chances and how incredibly lucky we can be if we open ourselves up to the possibilities. And I know my fiance would want me to move on and be happy, and I’m constantly reminded of how similar the two of them are, and how, in a different world, in a different series of events, the two of them would have been really good friends. It’s also taught me how incredible it is that the two of us could even find each other. People always talk about soulmates, and how there’s one person in the world that’s perfect for you. Well my partner has taught me that that’s hogwash, because I’m lucky enough to have had two soulmates, and two chances for true love.

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    1. Oh my gosh. Your story just brought me to tears. I’m so sorry for what you sent through yet so happy for the way things turned out. Thank you for sharing. Sending you a big hug and wishing you many years of love, health, and happiness ❤


  3. I’m late to the party Niki because I’m still catching up posts, but my partner did a wonderful thing this weekend when my battery died in my key fob and I was stranded at the hair salon with my son. I couldn’t lock my car door or even start my car because it’s a push button start. He went and got a new battery and showed up and changed the battery in the fob. The best thing about this is that when he walked through the door and my son screamed “That’s my mommy’s boyfriend!” and everyone laughed. He’s a wonderful man.

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    1. That’s so attentive of him! That’s one of the things that impacted me most about my husband when we were dating. While I was a strong, single, independent woman (can you tell what my anthem was back then?) I wasn’t used to having an attentive partner. While I didn’t “need” him to do things like check my oil, tire pressure, or start my car 5 minutes before I left for work it was sure nice to have someone that looked after me. Thank God for the great partners in life. It’s a tough gig but having a good person in it with you makes it easier ❤

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