Today’s Goal- 5 x $5

My goal is to get 5 people to take a moment to donate $5 to the family I’m sponsoring for Christmas. I don’t know them, they reached out to me by mistake looking for some help for winter clothes for their son this Christmas. Can you help me surprise them with more kindness than they could have imagined?

I told them I would help with what I could but she has no idea I decided to reach out to my blog community to help spread the kindness! Leave a comment with your donation, it will be added as a note with the shipment they receive!

Funds donated will be applied towards purchasing gloves, hat, scarves, a winter coat, and other warm clothing items. Photos will be posted once the items are purchased and the box is ready to be sent!

Click the photo to donate to the Barnett family ❤

Where are my 5 for the day at? If you don’t have $5 to spare, can you click the reblog button or share on social media? Let’s get this ripple effect of kindness going! ❤

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