Story With Photos|Project Reveal!


A few days ago I shared this sneak peek of a project I was working on for my photography class. I asked you to guess what the video might be about based on this image alone.

You guys had some great guesses and each was closer than the last. My task was to create a video telling a story using photos. I figured if I was going to tell a story, it might as well be one worth telling. This is the true story I decided to tell. Thank you so much to my little helper who was brave enough to share this part of herself and did a beautiful job expressing the emotions on cue. This project wouldn’t have been the same without you.

What are your thoughts on this project? I’d love to hear your feedback!

8 Replies to “Story With Photos|Project Reveal!”

    1. Thanks Amanda! Yeah some days are harder than others. It wears on her but since my husband and I are both dyslexic we know what it’s like, how to help and to just be supportive.


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