Dyslexia Awareness

As a parent of a Dyslexic child (with Dyslexia myself), I found this video very informative. I’ve been really frustrated with my daughter’s public education thus far. I do my best to incorporate learning opportunities into our everyday life but that doesn’t always help with what she learns in school which is taught in a way meant for her to pass a standardized test. I hope you find this helpful if your child has Dyslexia or you suspect they might. There are some great points made and ways to help Dyslexic students succeed in the classroom. Keep encouraging your child, keep working with them, and continue to help them see all of the ways they are amazing!

If you have a child with Dyslexia, you can use this simulator to get a glimpse of what their day is like. The frustration, confusion, and inadequacy they experience on a daily basis. I even sent this to my daughter’s teacher last year for her to take to have a first-hand experience of what she goes through. I know what it’s like because I’ve been there but over the years I’ve developed coping strategies so I don’t deal with the level of frustration I did when I was in school learning new things on a regular basis every day and my daughter currently faces now.

Do you have a child with Dyslexia? Did you know Dyslexia impacts more than “just” reading? Aside from struggling with things like reading out loud, we generally have a hard time learning to tie our shoes, rhyme, tell time on an analog clock, and following directions. 

8 Replies to “Dyslexia Awareness”

  1. Unfortunately most teachers have no idea what dyslexia truly is, so parental involvement and support is crucial for children with dyslexia. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Interesting and coincidental. Two days ago my husband was messing with a magic kit for the kids when he pulled out a trick that I had in my own kit as a child. There were two finger length boards with the image of a rabbit in it. He placed them one on top of the other, “which ones larger?” my daughter pointed to the same one I saw as larger and my husband retorted, “that’s wrong.”

    “That’s the larger one to me too,” I stated.

    “Well your dyslexic so it’s wrong.”

    It stung. I know he didn’t intend the way it came out but my three year old doesn’t know that…the frustration is understandable. Being dyslexic myself, I still find myself frustrated with lil A on a daily basis.

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    1. If you know the right things to look for you can tell early on if your little one is Dyslexic. It can be frustrating but patience is really important especially as they get older. There are varying degrees of Dyslexia so one size doesn’t fit all. I’ve learned how to compensate for it and have little tricks I use. My husband didn’t find out until a few years after we started dating when I picked up on it.

      This might help you confirm if your child does have Dyslexia-

      My daughter went through a program with a Davis facilitator and it really helped her. There’s also a book I just stared reading called “The Gift of Dyslexia” you might want to check out-

      It’s challenging but personally I know some incredibly intelligent, strong, resilient, successful people with Dyslexia. You’d be surprised by the number of well known people that are Dyslexic. It’s a bit more challenging to get through school as you might have experienced but I think knowing you have it and having a supportive circle is important. Wishing you all the best!


    1. We had her do the Davis program which really helped. She still struggles sometimes but overall is doing well. I thought it was important to raise awareness because there’s such a misconception that dyslexia is mixing up b and d… Good to know, I’ll stop by and check it out 🙂

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