Vulnerability- Weakness or Strength?


Do you think it makes you weak or strong to be vulnerable in your relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments. Happy Saturday ❤

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9 Replies to “Vulnerability- Weakness or Strength?”

  1. Both, in a way. Showing vulnerability allows the other in, allows connection, and two are stronger than one. But what is important is to have a partner who will help and not take advantage. In the latter case, vulnerability can make one weaker.
    Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Niki. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing Linda, I agree. Brene Brown talks about the type of people you can be vulnerable with especially when you first allow yourself to. I think that’s very important, otherwise, you run the risk of getting burnt which can make one build their walls right back up! Happy Saturday ❤

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  2. When I was trying to hide my vulnerability I came across as weak and needy. When I finally learned to just be who I am and when I am strong or weak, my relationship with my hubby change for the better. He loves my vulnerability which is just me being me.

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      1. When you deal with both physical (chronic pain, fatigue, etc.) and mental (bipolar, OCD, anxiety, etc.) challenges you either toughen up and don’t let anyone in or you learn to be the right level of vulnerable. I tried both ways and learned the latter is the best way to go.

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