I Knew Before It Went Viral

I often joke about always being the last to find out about things, especially things that go viral. I usually catch them after they’ve made the fourth or fifth round on social media. Sometimes I don’t even find out about them until the sensation is long gone. There’s one thing that went viral that I knew about before it happened.

Okilly Dokilly sugar skull for Halloween 2016


My step-brother is in a band called Okilly Dokilly. If you haven’t heard of them, they went viral last year when the internet found out they were a metal band that dressed as Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. In their words, they’re the world’s only Nedal band. In celebration of their debut album this month, I thought I’d share something you didn’t know about me and the first viral sensation I knew about before it went viral. Wishing them all of the best with their upcoming tour!

Did you hear about them when they went viral last year? Do you know anyone that’s gone viral? 

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