How Long Is Too Long?

A few of you mentioned the length of a post when responding to last week’s community question. That lead me to this week’s question, how long is too long?

Since this can vary based on the content and interest, I wanted to know the average word count you think makes for an ideal read. Less than 1,000? Less than 500? A quote?

Share in the comments about how long a post is that you’re willing to read through. On the flip side, feel free to share the average word count of your posts! I’d be interested to see the correlation between the two. 

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11 Replies to “How Long Is Too Long?”

  1. I think it depends on the type of post — if it’s a humor or lifestyle blog, I expect under 1000. But if it’s informational or instructive, I expect it to be longer. Especially if it’s one of the philosophical or scientific blogs I follow. (Yes, I read a wide variety of blogs. 🙂 )

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    1. I’m with you CJ I think it depends on the topic. 1k is definitely a healthy post! Personally I just write and then I clean it up, 500 seems to be my typical word count. 1k on topics that I’m really passionate about (parenting and thought-provoking especially). I love that you follow different types of blogs!

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  2. I like short posts that ideally fit into the area of my computer screen without me having to scroll down. That way, I’ll end up reading the whole thing. If it’s longer, I tend to skim or, worse, move on to another blog post. I try to keep my posts shorter, too.

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