Do You Cheaply Exchange Your Time?

This weekend at my retreat I had the pleasure of listening to many wonderful stories full of life lessons told from a lively charismatic Argentinian gentleman. He’s in his 70’s and stayed up talking with us well after midnight. He shared stories of love, loss, and hard learned lessons.

One of the common themes among the moral of his stories had to do with time. Specifically, how you leverage your time. He talked about the importance of being the manager of your time and not giving it away, exchanging it cheaply, or throwing it away. Of course, it could be argued that with his age comes a realization that one isn’t immortal. Judging by the stories he told (including the end of his marriage some many years ago and his choice to leave a mainstream job), I can’t help but think this is a conclusion he reached long ago.

His lesson on time made me think of how I’ve spent it in the past. Whether I valued it or sold it cheaply. Whether I maximized it or squandered it. Whether I appreciated it or took it for granted. Whether I owned it or gave it away to others. Whether I cherished it or was dismissive of it. Of course, I’ve gone through phases and even within those phases there’ve been peaks and valleys. I have to say for the most part, I’ve done a pretty good job of appreciating and valuing my time. I spend it with those I love, do things I want, and invest it directly into ways I’d like to see it pay off in the not so distant as well as the distant future. I’m very grateful for his wisdom and his laughter. He made this weekend very special for the little group of us that stayed awake until the wee hours laughing until our stomachs ached and paid for it trying to stay awake in class the next day.

Do you value your time? Do you appreciate the time you have? Do you spend your time in ways that align with your life’s vision? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, feel free to share!

9 Replies to “Do You Cheaply Exchange Your Time?”

  1. I feel that in terms of pursuing my goals I have invested as much time as I could, in the moment though, sometimes we become robots in a way. Well, in my experience anyway. I have spent much time trying hard to get from point A to point B that I don’t appreciate the journey as much as I should. I feel that it has been easy to appreciate moments with people I love but it takes me much more time to appreciate lessons learned, hardships, and situations that help mold me to grow into a better me. Those are important and valuable as well, I am just starting to learn that.

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    1. That’s a very good observation. If you don’t already, you might want to take up practicing mindfulness. It has really helped me not only understand the importance of the journey but learn to embrace and enjoy it. What’s the point in arriving at the destination if you can’t look back on the memories you should have made along the way?

      It can be hard to evaluate and accept the lessons but until we are aware of them and learn from them, we can’t grow and graduate from them.

      Enjoy the journey and take notes along the way ❤

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  2. We only have one chance to pass through life’s journey..
    but whatever path we chose.. I agreed niki.. make the most of it..
    don’t stop to worry about what might have been if we went another way..
    it’s lost.
    So good 😊 lesson.. enjoy the time you have.. to the fullest…

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