Fine Tuning Your Intuition

I’m away at a retreat to fine tune my intuition so I thought that would be the perfect topic for today’s Soulful Sunday post. Intuition is something we’re all born with. You might call it something different but you’ll recognize when you feel it.

If it’s been a while since you’ve paid attention to it, it will likely get your attention with a clear “no”. It might be that sinking feeling you get inside, it could be everything within you screaming not to do something, or it might be the well-known pit in your stomach. The truth is your intuition is always at play, whether you listen to it or not is another matter.

Today I want to help you pay attention to the subtle signs your body gives you so you can pay attention to your intuitive messages when they’re the sound of a whisper instead of a shout! Sometimes the easiest way to get in tune with your intuition is to look at your recent past. Think of a recent situation where you had to make a decision. What did you feel? Where did you feel it? Did go with the feeling or against it? How did you feel at that point? How did things turn out in that situation?

I ask because if you had a sinking feeling in your stomach but went ahead anyway and things didn’t turn out well, you probably thought “I knew I shouldn’t have done that!”. The question is, then why did you do it? A lot of times it’s because we don’t place as much relevance on a feeling as we do a rational thought. Intuition is that inner knowing that doesn’t have logic or facts to support it. It’s that feeling when you know something is right or wrong for you but you just can’t explain how you know. Of course, logic has its place but there are times your intuition can serve you better because it’s a deeper knowing and wisdom that is connected to something greater than you that you’re a part of.

Personally, I have two major ways my intuition speaks to me through my body. A clear “yes” and a clear “no”. For me a clear “yes” is a feeling in my chest near my heart. It’s an expanding feeling like my chest is filling up. I feel good, warm, and light. On the other hand a clear “no” feels like a rock in the pit of my stomach, it’s a sinking feeling. It makes me feel uneasy and heavy.

I’ve been living intuitively for several years and it has made such a difference in my life. I make choices that are right for me and my family, I have peace of mind, and I don’t worry how things will turn out. Part of this comes from just taking notice of my intuitive feelings. The other aspect is listening  and acting upon them. The more you go with that gut feeling the clearer it gets. You might find that you rarely get those intuitive feelings or you only get a “no”. Sometimes that’s just the easiest way to get our attention but you’ll soon find yourself picking up on other feelings you hadn’t noticed.

The more you pay attention to these signs and listen to them, the stronger and clearer they’ll get. It doesn’t take much effort, they key is consistency. There’s no set amount of time to get a stronger connection but the more often you go with your gut and follow your heart, the clearer your signal will be. Think of it like a radio (old school not digital) we each have ours on different stations. Each time you look out for your intuitive feeling you’re turning the dial and each time you listen you’re cleaning up the signal. Some might have to just do a fine tune adjustment it because they’re very in tune with their intuition. Others might have to turn the dial generously to get rid of the static.

You can practice with small things at first. If you aren’t very in tune with your intuition it might be difficult to make important life choices that can defy logic based on a feeling. Here are some ways to practice strengthening your intuitive connection-

  • Ask yourself a yes/no question and take a note of how you feel
  • Before you make a choice, compare what you think to how you feel
  • Keep a journal of what happens when you listen to your gut/heart versus go against it
  • Pay attention to the feelings you get around other people (especially when you first meet)
  • Pay attention to how you feel about the guidance and advice offered by others

Intuition is something that society recognizes and praises in mothers and detectives but isn’t as highly regarded as logic, facts, or proof. Sometimes you have to do things you can’t explain to get results others will understand. Have fun adjusting your intuitive dial!


If this post spoke to you and you want to dig deeper into intuitive messages, I encourage you to read more by clicking on the photo.

Do you pay attention to your intuitive feelings? Do you act upon them most of the time? Do you notice them when they are a whisper or shout? I’d love to hear what part intuition plays in your life, feel free to share in the comments!

10 Replies to “Fine Tuning Your Intuition”

  1. I love this post. I’ve listened to and acted upon my intuition more than ever this year and it’s rarely wrong. I think trusting yourself and your intuition helps you to live life in a way that’s true to you and that helps to take you where you’re meant to go I think.

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