Kombucha & Mindful Eating?

This week I’m sharing some posts I came across while scouring my reader for goodies to share with you for this week’s Fit Friday post.

I searched using the wellness tag and love where it took me! I’m happy to introduce you to the following bloggers, please leave them some love on behalf of our community when you stop by!

This week’s featured posts-

  • What in the heck is kombucha? If you don’t know, you’ll get a crash course here.
  • You know I’m in love with practicing mindfulness, but mindfulness when you eat? How does that work? Brooke does a great job of introducing you to it!
  • I love how a healthy lifestyle is promoted through good eating habits versus the taboo “d” word in this post.

While I wasn’t on the hunt for food related posts specifically, these are the ones that caught my eye. I’m going to keep the blog love short so that you can have a chance to actually visit these three blogs. Happy Friday!

Have you ever tried kombucha? Do you make your own? Feel free to share a recipe in the comments. Have you practiced mindful eating? Have you ditched the diet and replaced it with good eating habits to create a healthy lifestyle? Did you visit any of the blogs? What did you think? Get the conversation started in the comments ❤

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