“Locker Room Talk”|Be Gentle.Be Beautiful.

This week’s Thought-provoking Thursday post is the first blog love post on this topic. If you’re short on time, bookmark it. It’s long but well worth the read. Lainey does a great job speaking to the greater issues involved with the “locker room talk”. This is so much bigger than one person defending their comments. Thank you, Lainey for opening up and speaking on this issue so candidly. I admire your courage, your strength, and your conviction.

Comments are disabled here, please leave your thoughts on Lainey’s blog. She’s new to blogging and to this community so I’d appreciate it if you give her a warm welcome on our behalf ❤

I’m a woman. So despite growing up in locker rooms, my experience with locker room talk is likely quite different than Mr. Trump’s. Or any man’s for that matter. I’m guessing my experience with sexual assault is a little different too. To understand why this whole “locker room talk” issue is so important to me, we […]

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