Community Question|How Much Do You Like?

Whether you evaluate your stats or you choose to ignore them, there’s no denying bloggers get excited about the community’s reaction to their posts. What I’d like to find out is what does it take to get you to click the like button on a post. As you browse from blog to blog, post to post what’s the deciding factor between clicking “like” and leaving without anyone knowing you were there? Do you use it as a bookmark to come back to the post to read later? Do you click it without

reading the post in its entirety? Do you read, browse, then head off to the next blog without clicking the button? Do you generously click the button as you come across posts that move you in some way? Just curious as to how you go about your blogging experience as a reader and how you utilize the like button. On the other hand, what do you think it takes to get your readers to click the button?

If you want to make it easy to follow the responses on this topic, like this post and leave your answer in the comments! 😉

What does it take for you to click “like”? How many times do you think you like a post when you browse? Are there posts you like but don’t click the button for? What keeps you from pressing it? Feel free to share the way you use the like button in the comments!

28 Replies to “Community Question|How Much Do You Like?”

  1. I click like for posts that I actually like. If I don’t read through the entire post and/or it doesnt interest me, I go on to another post. I respect the art of writing so I give lots of likes to good and committed writers 🙂

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  2. I personally go by the title…if it intrigues me…I’ll click to read more. Unless its an exceptionally long post…& I’m pressed for time…then I may just skim through after so many paragraphs to get a feel for it.

    It seems if there is some type of controversial topic…readers are more prone to stop by & comment. If its really helpful info…or more”visual” like pics or photos…they seem to gravitate more to “like” it, IMO 🙂

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  3. my picture posts seem to get liked for no reason other than they are there. my stupid ones (humourous or silly) get more like responses with comments. my serious one get fa fewer “likes” and more comments. I use the like button when I agree with or disagree with a post that is written well or evokes an emotion. I never just hit the like and disappear. that, to me, is just rude. I tend to read things by certain authors first, then scroll through my reader for the headline that intrigues me.

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  4. Interesting question. And I am very curious to read the feedback of fellow bloggers on their practices.
    When I started out, I was shy about leaving my mark on where I had virtually been. But then I learned an important lesson that blogging is all about the interaction.

    I have tried to make it a practice to leave comments more often than just hitting the like button so bloggers get to know what resonated with a reader. And I find that helpful in return too. There are a few ways that posts make an impact for me to hit like: I love a good quote and inspirational tidbits! I see ideas that I can identify with through personal experience or think that the blogger is suggesting something I really have to try. If I choose the right tag in the reader for what I want to read about, I generally see quite a lot to like :). I finish with posts in one go but I do go back to my list of liked posts so that I can share them. Here is the most recent post that I put together from my inventory of likes:

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    1. In the beginning it can be a little intimidating to know all of the unspoken blogging etiquette expectations. I’m glad that you realized it’s all about engagement! I’m a sucker for a great quote! Thanks for sharing how you use the like button and for spreading the blog love. Have a great day! ❤

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  5. I usually try to read the entire post before liking it, and I will “like” it if I found it thought-provoking or amusing. I tend not to read posts that are too long. I like it when people keep things concise and go straight to the point. 😉

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  6. Good questions! I push like on every post I get a chance to read. That person put effort into their post so as their follower I owe it to hold them up high for job well done. Now, I may not agree with the post so I will place my concerns in comments. Also I said when I get the time to read blogs. When I started blogging I had certain days I read blogs. I’ve been lacking in that department. I need to read more to like more.

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    1. Great point Annette about liking but also leaving your feedback. That’s a great way to go about it! Thanks for sharing and I hope you are able to read more of what your community is posting ❤

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  7. The title will pull me in first, if it has good sharing properties, like hashtags and @ (if you are talking about someone else with a twitter account in your post) this helps readers easily share. Then it is a personal taste to the content. I prefer short posts, for a speedy read. I’ll share most posts I read unless I feel the content was just a deeply personal post from the blog author which deserves a reply instead. A blog also needs to post reliable posts with good content over quantity of posts. With so many blogs filling e-mail inboxes few people have much time to visit more than one or two posts per blogger per day.

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  8. I will always click Like for a post that interests me and is well written. If it’s about topics that would interest many others, I will click Google plus and Twitter. I often don’t comment because someone else has said exactly what I think.

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  9. I click the like button on posts I read and like. if I don’t like the post I don’t click the like. I read the post but didn’t like it or agree with it. I don’t like to rebut posts I don’t agree with. Call me chicken.

    I try to leave a comment when time allows. Sometimes I don’t have the time but want the person to know I liked the post. It’s hard for me to get through all of the posts. Maybe I’m following too many people.

    I do hit the Twitter button on posts I think that are very informative and need to go viral.

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  10. I like a blog post if I think it’s well written , and interesting . To be honest I tend to like more WordPress blogs just because it’s easy to read and like in email format. I also tend to like the bloggers I follow and that follow me .

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      1. It’s hard to write your own blog and stay engaged with the blogging community . I’m really guilty of only working my social networks and not blog networks . On the other hand , I would rather have a smaller network of bloggers that I really like and enjoy their posts than spend hours liking and commenting on work I don’t really care about. I guess that depends on how you want to grow your blog 😁

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      2. I look for tags that interest me and click on posts that catch my attention. That way I’m networking worth bloggers that I have something in common with and I’m more likely to find what they do to be of interest 🙂

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