Photography In The Dark

I had so much fun with this week’s photography practice. We are learning how to capture light.

The practice assignment was to take a photo of figures made with a flashlight in the dark. Who better to help me than my munchkins? They did such a great job and made it really hard for me to narrow them down. Here are our favorite four-

copyDSC_1593 - Edited.jpg
My oldest says it looks like an abstract butterfly ❤
She wasn’t drawing anything in particular but this looks like a sparkly apple.
The perfect circle around the abstract light figure amazed me.
A heart inside of a heart. 

The other thing we had to do was try to take photos of the headlights of vehicles as they passed. This was a bit tricky but there’s a really dark road by my house so I just found a place to sit and adjusted my settings until I was able to capture the lights as best I could-

The quality isn’t great but I liked the headlights of the car passing while the other waited.
The background is probably too blurry but I like the way the lights zip around this roundabout.
This was on the dark road behind my house. Funny how different lights look taking photos this way.
This one’s my favorite. It kind of looks like a star. 

We also went to take photos of dirtbikes on Saturday to practice capturing motion. I’m going to have to keep practicing because those didn’t turn out very well. Some of the others in my class took some absolutely amazing photos, one looks like it should be a movie poster. I really enjoyed seeing the photos others were able to capture and I had a great time practicing. I’m seeing the mistakes I make and the changes I can make, I’m only three weeks in so I can’t expect to be a professional.

What are your passion projects? What are you doing to push you out of your comfort zone? Are you learning any new skills? I’d love to hear, feel free to share in the comments!

13 Replies to “Photography In The Dark”

  1. What a fun project! I find it fascinating how light manifests itself in different ways on film. My favorite is the first one, the “abstract butterfly.” I think your oldest nailed it on the head with that description. So cool.

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    1. I didn’t know you could do that. This week’s practice has become my favorite so far! I thought the girls did such a wonderful job! Much better than if I would have done it. We were to write our name or draw a picture. My photos are the only abstract ones, but I love them! ❤


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