Grateful Sunday|Grateful Heart

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What are you grateful for this beautiful Sunday? Do you practice gratitude regularly? Do you have a gratitude journal? How do you incorporate gratitude into your day? Happy Sunday! ❤

19 Replies to “Grateful Sunday|Grateful Heart”

  1. I stretch to thank you the universe for waking me, as each foot hits the floor I grin from the inside out throw my arms wide and am greatful for the love health and happieness of all my family. I continue in this vein until i reach the tap and fill the kettle. By this time my happieness seems to radiate from me. My cup is half full, my life is good and my love is huge. A good way to never forget to be grateful. 😇

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    1. That’s a great way to start your day! I have an online document where I write about what I’m grateful for. I love to look back at it and see the things in such detail I might have forgotten about over time 🙂

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    1. Take time to be mindful and check in with yourself to make sure you meet your needs. Then be sure to reflect on something you’re grateful for ❤ Wishing you a great start to a new week!

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  2. When I first wake up I say, “Thank you Jesus for another day, for this is the day you have made. Let us rejoice and be glad !!” I really don’t feel that way because of so many losses these past 2 years but I figure at least I’m trying. I believe in my soul, “Act as it and it will become a part of you <3" Blessings

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