Sweetheart Saturday|Your Type

Just curious about what your type is and if your partner falls into that category.

It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be personality or intellect. Feel free to share in the comments! I’ll start off- physically my husband is shorter than guys I was generally attracted to. Personality and intellectually speaking- he was exactly my type. Funny, carefree, fun, hard working, supportive, wise and mysterious.

Do you have a “type”? Is your partner your type? Has your partner redefined your type? Feel free to brag on your partner in the comments! ❤

5 Replies to “Sweetheart Saturday|Your Type”

  1. I met my husband 10 years before we started dating. He was not my type physically at the time and I was in a relationship. But I remember being attracted to his smile. 10 years later he WAS my physical type and his smile was still had only gotten better. Plus…. this time I got to know his personality. Smart, witty, but also respectful, patient…. Totally my type 💜. Thanks for the chance to reminisce!

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