Fit Friday|Meditation

Meditation has so many incredible benefits ranging from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I’ve incorporated meditation into my daily routine and practice it various times throughout the day. Sometimes I start to feel anxious so I take a moment to collect my thoughts and bring myself to the present moment by focusing on my breathing. I’ve shared before that yoga is one of my favorite forms of meditation. Sometimes it’s just hard for me to sit still and taking half an hour to practice yoga with my little one is a great way for me to connect with my body, focus my mind, and feed my spirit. I practice it in different ways depending on the circumstances, from sitting to walking. I encourage you to explore this if you don’t currently incorporate it into your daily routine.

I came across a new to me blogger that provided a couple of guided meditations on her blog that I thought I’d share with you.

Is meditation currently part of your daily routine? Do you have a ritual? Where do you practice it?  Do you sit quietly or practice active meditation? Do you practice for the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual aspect? How long do you usually meditate each day? I’d love to hear how you incorporate meditation into your life, feel free to share in the comments! 

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  1. I mediate every morning in my very special space on my front porch. It helps settle my brain and allows me to focus my thoughts on tasks at hand, getting rid of the noise. I haven’t tried it with yoga yet, that’s a good idea! My sound app also has guided meditations I sometimes use when I can’t get my brain to shut up lol.

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    1. That’s awesome Amanda! I can’t remember if we talked about you getting your porch spruced up for your meditation space or if we talked about a meditation retreat… I think one if not both of those conversations were with you 🙂

      I looooove yoga as a form of meditation. Yoga is actually a very spiritual practice about connection but that’s not something you usually get at gyms. Depending on the studio you might get more of the spiritual side. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube incorporates mantras which I like to say instead of “I can’t do that” or “this is too hard!” I’ll say “I am supported” or whatever the mantra is and then it carries off the mat into my personal life ❤

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  2. I would love to make meditation a part of my daily routine.
    And recently I’ve heard of (TM) transcendental meditation and how beneficial it is to the mind and health. So hopefully I will be able to attend the courses by next month 😊

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    1. It’s such an amazing practice to incorporate into your life. I had a hard time with it at first. I just started this year but I went to a retreat that changed everything for me and I’m able to meditate washing the dishes, going for a walk, sitting in a room full of people, doing yoga…

      I’d love to hear how that experience is for you once you go through the course. Happy Friday!

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  3. I meditate many times during the day. I tend to get bored, so I have to mix things up constantly. About two months ago I downloaded an app called “Insight Timer”. It is absolutely my favorite app of all time! It has guided meditations, music, and a wonderful community of meditators to connect with. I like to listen to the instrumental pieces while I’m having my coffee and writing in my journal. Sometimes I plug it in while I’m driving…just have to remember to keep my eyes open! Walking meditations are also a nice change of pace. There are so many options…no right or wrong way to do it…just follow your bliss!

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    1. I agree, no right or wrong although some ways may be better than others for some people 🙂 Thanks for sharing that app, I’ve never heard of it I’ll have to check it out!


  4. Meditation is the single best thing I do for myself! I do 30 minutes sitting first thing in the morning and then another 45 minutes sitting in the evening followed by some movement meditation/yoga if I can. Creating a dedicated space is key for me, I have a separate room where my cushion and ‘alter’ is always there and waiting. I also use the Insight Timer app and love it to time my sessions, connect with others, and find guided meditations. I actual meditate for all the reasons you listed 🙂 physical, spiritual, and emotional. Enjoy your practice, it sounds wonderful!

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    1. Good for you!! So glad to hear that you’ve found what works for you and you incorporate it into your daily routine. It’s been said that prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when God talks to you… I love that and fell it couldn’t be more true. Thanks for returning the visit, nice to connect with you. ❤


    1. It’s such a wonderful thing to do! If you have a hard time incorporating it, you might want to start with something like brushing your teeth. It’s something you do anyway so no extra time is needed. Start by just paying attention to what you’re doing- the teeth you’re brushing, the way the toothpaste tastes, the bubbles that form. Then focus on your breathing- is it fast or slow? It’s a way to just slow your thoughts down and keep them from running wild. After doing that for a week or two you can try it as you do something else. ❤

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