Blog Love|Under 100 <3

When I first started blogging I had such a hard time finding blogs. I didn’t really know the way this whole thing worked and didn’t think anyone would ever find me! In the months since then, I’ve gotten the hang of it and now I love to connect bloggers together!

This week in the second edition of endeavor to spread the blog love, I’m introducing you to bloggers I’ve met in the past week who are creeping up on 100 followers. Let’s give them a big warm welcome to the blog community! Like a post you can relate to, leave a comment on something that moved you, and click that follow button if you want to keep up with them!

I want to encourage all of you to keep blogging, whether you have 3 followers or 3,000. Whether you spend an hour a day writing or you post once a week. Do what works for you, engage with other bloggers, and blog unto others as you would have them blog unto you!

Sharing in the order I met them, please pay them a visit-

  • Michelle just joined us on WordPress in July and she caught my eye with this vulnerable post about leaving her past struggles for others to see even though she’s overcome them. To see why she does that, check out this post.
  • I loved Alexandra’s post on dedication to your passion! For all of you who know the sacrifice of feeding your passion so you can feed your belly, you’ll be able to relate to her post. It’s very uplifting!
  • I connected with Stephanie when she opened up in a post sharing her plan to create a healthier life and bank account.
  • I stumbled across a brand spanking new blog! What a treasure, in this post the blogger elaborates on a Brian Tracy quote “Never say anything about yourself, you do not want to come true.”
  • I don’t watch the news anymore but even I knew where Lisa was going with the first few lines of this post that talked about the clown craziness going on. She talks about one of my favorite topics these days- your thoughts creating your reality.
  • Billie found me somehow, and caught my attention by signing up for the Kindness Challenge. She’s also a brand new blogger, she just started on October 1st and is building a blog all about self-love and self-acceptance.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Keep blogging for the love of it, focus on why you do it,  and connecting with others along the way. A big thank you to everyone that is part of this community, you make this such a fulfilling experience ❤

How do you feel about sharing your struggles with the world around you? Do you prefer to feed your passion on the side or is your passion part of your livelihood? What are your favorite tips to save money?  What things do you tell yourself that you want to come true? How do you reframe a negative perspective to create the positive reality you want? How often do you remember to include yourself when being kind?

Check out this month’s Dose of Empowerment on my business blog if you missed it!



20 Replies to “Blog Love|Under 100 <3”

    1. My pleasure ❤ What I've found is by interacting with those that happen to find me, checking out the blogs of those that visit me, and liking and commenting those that follow them I've been able to follow the breadcrumb trail. Feel free to check out the blogs listed on my sidebar, they are part of this community and are a great group!

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    1. Thanks Jenny, my pleasure! I remember how hard it was when I started and making friends made the experience so different. We have a great community so I’m sure they’ll make a few friends and enjoy the blogosphere more. Have a great weekend! ❤

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  1. As a new blogger, this post is so encouraging, thank you! It can be hard to find ways to share my blog with people and this way of sharing is awesome! I hope to give this a try for my next post. And… I found some great blogs to follow too! Sasha @

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