Blog Love|Returning the Blog Love!

For my first Blog Love post I wanted to highlight bloggers I’m connected with that I know spread the blog love regularly. They focus on spreading the word about others so I wanted to do the same for them.

Thank you for all that you do in the blogging community! You were all present on my mind when I decided to switch from meet and greets to another option. Spreading the blog love felt like a better fit and I look forward to connecting bloggers in the same way you do. Whether you reblog or spread the blog love on social media, I’ve seen the way you regularly share what others put out and I love it!

Listed in alphabetical order, I’m pleased to connect you with the following bloggers. If you don’t already know them, stop by and see what they have to offer your Reader. If you already know them, be sure to say hi on behalf of this community ❤

Danny Ray is one of my blogging mentors (even though he doesn’t know it). I found him early in this blogging attempt and connecting with him made all of the difference. I was able to learn a few key things that helped me make this a social experience instead of writing to an empty audience. He regularly shares other bloggers’ posts whether through reblogs or strategic partnerships.

Funny enough, I started following Jason back in 2013 when I initially attempted blogging. I decided not to pursue it at the time and only kept my WordPress login to continue to follow him. He has put in a lot of work to build his blogging community and it’s incredibly inspiring! From hosting meet and greets that connect thousands of bloggers, to regularly interacting with his readers, highlighting reblogs, and promoting the books of bloggers, he puts a tremendous amount of work into his blog and a lot of love into the blog community! This is my original blog mentor (is it strange when people don’t know they’re your mentors?).

Not only is Rosie’s blog dedicated to sharing book reviews but she regularly shares bloggers’ work via her Twitter account (including several of my posts for which I’m very grateful- thank you Rosie <3).

Stephanie blogs about her blended family but regularly shares other bloggers’ posts whether in individual reblogs or a collection of posts she’s found to share.

Tad Texter’s blog is just as he states “a diary filled with reblogs” in which you can find a selection of reblogs ranging in topics.

Do you know any of the bloggers listed? Are any of them new to you? What blogs do you know of that regularly reblog or share other blogger’s posts? Feel free to share in the comments! 

A big thank you again to those listed and all of you who contribute to spreading the blog love by spreading the posts of others

12 Replies to “Blog Love|Returning the Blog Love!”

    1. My pleasure! I do too! When I first started blogging I didn’t even know how to find new blogs so I figured I might as well spread the blog love now that I know how and come across so many ❤ Hope you're doing well Nicky!


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