#Momlife Monday|Cultivating Their Intuition

Have you taught your kids to listen to that little voice inside? You know the one that is faint but clear? The one that’s always right and you know that’s especially true when you don’t listen? Call it what you may but teaching your kids to listen to that inner voice or feeling is so important! The older they get the less they’ll doubt it if they’re taught from a young age to trust it. 

I’ve been teaching my daughter to trust hers for several years now. I’ve taught her to discern what it means. Generally, when it’s encouraging you to do something, you get a warm feeling in your chest like your heart area is opening up. I explained to my daughter it might feel like the sun is shining inside of her and it makes her feel really good. She might ask herself a question of what she should do or how to handle something. If she gets that warm feeling in her chest that’s a clear “yes”.

I’ve also taught her the importance of listening to the signs her body gives for a “no”. Many people refer to this as a gut feeling and it makes sense because it’s generally like a punch in the gut or that feeling in the pit of your stomach that bottoms out like you’re on a rollercoaster. It gets your attention by making you feel uncomfortable or uneasy and gives you a sense of urgency. Sometimes this can be subtle and other times it can be undeniable.

I think it’s important to teach kids this because as they grow older they’ll start to doubt or ignore it until they aren’t as sensitive to it if they don’t learn to value it. They’ll feel the gut punch sensation but it might have been a more subtle feeling earlier on they would’ve felt had they been more in tune with it. I remember there was a time that I started to ignore my intuitive sensations. It got to the point that I no longer felt the warm open feeling in my chest anymore. The only sensation I was in tune with was the gut punch. It felt horrible to only receive the warnings but not receive my confirmations. I started paying attention to the slightest sensation in my gut and began to feel the more subtle warnings. By listening to that, I was able to start feeling the warm confirmations I felt in my chest again. Since then, I’ve been very in tune with my sensations of confirmation and warning alike.

There are many times that your intuition can help guide you even when you can’t explain it logically. By encouraging your child to trust those sensations they have no control over, they’ll be fine tuning their connection. That way they’ll be able to pay attention to their sensations of confirmation and warning when they’re subtle instead of needing a gut punch to get their attention. Explain it in whatever terms make sense to your child and using whatever reference they understand. We are spiritual but not religious in my house so I explain it in a way that my daughter understands related to the universe, vibration, and intuition.

Some of the ways I’ve had my daughter practice listening to her intuitive sensations are by paying attention to how she feels when she-

  • meets new people

  • others tell her things

  • thinks of a situation

  • doesn’t listen to the sensation she got

  • does listen to it

Is this something you currently teach your kids? Are you sensitive to your own intuitive sensations? Do you remember a time when you were? Do you remember the last time you had a gut feeling you didn’t listen to? Do you think this is something you should teach your kids to pay attention to? What are other ways you can teach your kids to hone into their intuitive sensations?

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8 Replies to “#Momlife Monday|Cultivating Their Intuition”

  1. Love this! And what a great idea to teach this! More mom’s should teach this to kids!!

    I read on FB just recently that there is a man going around teaching schools to incorporate meditation’s into their daily schedule. The article talked about the succes they are having with the students when they return to studying; they are more focused and willing to learn, even the kids that have more challenges. It was really wonderful to see that!

    I also wanted to add that there are, at least for some of us, deceptive messages, and when first learning to read the intuitive messages that come to us, it can be difficult to decipher them. They come in disguised as positive messages, only to truly be coming with negative intentions. Watch out for these!
    They come when one is most vulnerable and play on that vulnerability.

    But it is also my experience that when you are more in tune to your intuitive voices, these deceptive messages are fewer and fewer and we become more skilled at recognizing them, quickly to dismiss them, if they appear.

    I am an Intuitive Empath, Psychic (animal communicator), HSP, spiritual seeker, healer, etc., and have learned SO Much from learning about what is innately a part of me. It is so nice to see a mother passing on the gifts of intuition to the next generation. It is, I believe, to be a part of passing on the love of the light in this world. In a world that can sometimes seem overwhelmingly evil and losing the battle to darkness.

    To the Divine Light of guidance!

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    1. It’s a concept my daughter has been introduced to all of her life so I didn’t think much of it until I was watching a podcast the other day and someone asked about intuition. I was raised in church so it was thought of in a different context but it’s the same thing.

      You know, personally I haven’t had that experience of negative intentions disguised as positive messages, but it’s a good thing to mention. When I was growing up in the church I was always fearful of negative forces/energies/demons/messages. These days I know where I stand and that I vibrate on a higher frequency so even though that exists, I’m not fearful of it or in tune with it. It’s like my intuitive radio doesn’t pick up that frequency. Sure it exists but I’m not in tune with it.

      I make sure to ground and protect myself every day because I learned years ago that I’m susceptible to people feeding off of my energy not necessarily in an intentionally bad way but they see I’m a high energy person and they want that as well. I haven’t had that problem since then.

      Funny enough I didn’t realize how in tune I was with energy until I started blogging. I would visit various blogs a day and find myself going through a range of emotions. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I received a message during a meditation one day telling me to protect myself before visiting blogs. I was picking up on the energy of the bloggers! Even if I didn’t read the blog, just clicking on their page I’d feel sad or down on some pages or anxious and my heart would accelerate on others. I included a new method into my grounding ritual and haven’t had that issue since.

      I had no idea you were so in tune! Animal communicator, I love it! I was very secretive about this side of me up until very recently. Those closest to me knew because I’d give myself away without realizing it by mentioning dreams, messages and visions I received. I just started embracing it as part of who I am and was surprised to see the amazing response I got from my blogging community when I came out of the spiritual closet. Growing up I was considered a “prophetess” but when I stopped going to church I no longer had a term I was comfortable using. I was scared to use the word psychic and didn’t want to associate myself with the dark misconception around it. I realized I had been overlooking intuitive and choose not to label it but if I had to pick one, I’d go with intuitive 😉

      I’m so excited to raise my girls to be in tune with their intuition. My girls regularly see me charge my Reiki grid, hear me communicating with my angels, and watch me make decisions based on how I feel about them. I trust my intuition more than my logic most days and my life has been amazing since I’ve started doing so. I can’t wait to see the connection my daughters have with their intuitive gifts being raised in a house that it’s cultivated and nurtured.

      There is darkness in the world no doubt but even the other day I was taking a walk before the sun came up and there was a car on an adjacent road miles away probably 10 miles or more. Its headlines shone so bright they produced a glare that caused me to turn away. It reminded me that all it takes is one light to cast out darkness and how powerful that one light can be… ❤

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      1. Your fortunate and so are your girls to grow up with such an abundance of light all around them.

        I was not so fortunate.
        However, discovering my intuition and being an animal communicator has taught me about meditating, and asking protection from the angels, and world of light that is there for our asking, etc.

        I had that issue as well. Afraid to come out of the psychic closet. Got over it, followed my intuition. But, your right, coming up with more acceptable names is helpful.

        There are bad apples in every profession that cast negative persona’s upon that profession. Psychic’s are no different.

        I am in the process of learning Reiki from a book that a friend recommended. Can’t really incorporate a Reiki class into my limited budget. So, reading about it.

        I hope to find someone who will pass on the attunements to me. Looking forward to all I can learn from offering healing to myself, my animals and to others. What a gift!

        Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

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      2. Well… I didn’t grow up surrounded by light but I’m glad that my daughters are ❤

        I'm attuned to Reiki, actually the last photo on my Twitter feed on the sidebar is a photo of my Reiki grid for this month. Classes shouldn't be terribly expensive. Depending where you are they should actually be pretty affordable. Some are more in-depth than others but they shouldn't be outrageous. Feel free to email me if you want to talk in further detail on this (nikissimplelife@gmail.com).

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