Travel Thursday|Breaking In My Camera!

We went on a little family adventure this weekend and the weather was perfectly accommodating of my impromptu photo shoot! My husband recently gave me a very thoughtful gift- a Nikon D3000 along with an enrollment to an 11-week introductory photography class! My class doesn’t start until next month but I couldn’t wait another moment to start practicing! I’ll forewarn you this is a photo heavy post but I promise the landscapes and models alike are worth it ❤

dsc_0177We started the trip off by driving from the south of the island towards the north with no specific destination in mind. The idea was to stop in a town we’d driven by hundreds of times but had never visited. We did just that but didn’t end up getting out because our youngest fell asleep. We let her finish her nap as we cruised the small town road that lead to a beautiful tucked in plaza by the beach. We then took the road back up into the mountainside part of the town. We followed the roads and went further north on side roads that connected one town to the next. The buildings that can be seen in the background of this photo are of the town where my grandparents live in fact, their building is pictured.

From there we hopped back onto the freeway to go into the city and see what rustic buildings we could find and photographic treasures I could find. I’m obsessed with fountains and there was something visually appealing about this beautiful fountain with the vibrant flowers and perfectly parked matching moped. As we walked down the quiet streets, we found a little spot we’ll have to come back and visit for a tea party!

We took the girls to a gorgeous park full of statues, fountains, and luscious greenery. It has lots of hidden paths and walkways that connect one part of the garden grounds to another. On a hot day like Sunday, it was the perfect place to sit on a bench in the shade and enjoy the breeze.

The girls had a great time running and skipping from one area to the next following butterflies, chasing pigeons, and seeing where the dirt paths lead.

Even my husband had fun at the park! I love my oldest’s laugh captured in the second picture ❤

This is probably one of my favorite pictures! The palm trees, the vibrant green colors, the shaded bench, and the beautiful blue sky!

There’s nothing sweeter than the love my girls have for one another. They made my heart melt when they sat down to take a picture in front of the fountain. I love the look in their eyes and that embrace ❤



There’s only so much adventure little legs can take before they tucker out! We were able to coax her into her stroller and within moments she was down for a power nap. Precious little chubby cheeks!


We went to the main plaza of the city, the fountain was different than I remembered it. It’s been years since I’d visited that area so I’m sure it had been updated. The fountain I remembered had been turned into a makeshift beach-like area. It was mesmerizing, from the turquoise water to the mountainside backdrop and flowered wall nearby.

We ended our nearly 5-mile walk visiting the auditorium and admiring the waterfront area nearby. It was a long day in the sun but we had such an amazing time! I can’t wait to learn how to operate my camera better but I’m proud that I didn’t shoot in auto mode! I did adjust my settings using a cheat sheet I found on Pinterest. I can’t wait to see how my skills develop but for now, I’m quite pleased with the memories I was able to capture of this beautiful local adventure we embarked on. Remember you don’t have to go far to travel, get out there and see what adventures await in your own backyard!

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