Teachable Tuesday|Snowball Dreams

This topic is so fitting! I was telling my daughter as she started a new school year that it’s ok to not know but if you don’t try it’s an automatic failure. Of course, that’s in the sense of taking exams but the same is true for life. So many times fear of failure holds us back but we don’t realize that not trying holds us back far more! Dare to dream so big you can’t reach them! Dream so much that one dream snowballs into the next! May your desire to chase your dreams push you farther than you realized you were capable of ❤

What dreams do you have? Are they big enough? Can you attain them? Do you need to make them bigger? Do you have moving goals? Do you want to check your goals off and have a completed list or have a list that doesn’t stop growing? Do you have a vision? Is it clear? Have you written it down? Have you created a vision board? Do your choices align with bringing that vision to fruition? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Feel free to share in the comments!

3 Replies to “Teachable Tuesday|Snowball Dreams”

  1. Loved this video -I am a big Oprah fan. I have been making vision boards for over 20 years now and have visions big and small. Its the small ones that are most important and through taking small steps to the bigger goals I find JOY in each achievement.

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    1. I love Oprah! That’s awesome! That’s so important! Sometimes once the goal is reached the joy is fleeting. I love that you found what works for you and have a combination of drive and joy! Thanks for sharing ❤

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