Sweetheart Saturday|Favorite Things

This week, I’d like to hear the top 5 things you love about your partner! Brag all about them in the comments! If you want to take it a step further, send them the post or show it to them once you comment so they can see the nice things you had to say about them! I can’t wait to see the things that come up! Happy Saturday!

In no particular order, I’ll start by listing 5 of my favorite things about my husband-

  • His sense of humor
  • How supportive he is
  • His carefree nature
  • His determination
  • How respectful he is

Don’t be shy! Brag about your sweetheart in the comments! It’s especially encouraged if you are having a bad day or are currently in a rough patch! Think about things that you loved about your partner when you first started dating. Then think about things that you love about them most now. Did you remember some things you’d forgotten about? When’s the last time you thought about this? When’s the last time you told them? 

15 Replies to “Sweetheart Saturday|Favorite Things”

  1. Top five things I love about my man:
    Great sense of humour
    An easy going nature
    Kind to everyone
    Did I mention he makes me laugh? (I know, that’s six!)
    Great post Niki 🙂


  2. The top five things about George that I love:
    His quirky sense of humor
    His absolute dedication to his job as a Hospice Nurse
    His animal magnetism (by this I mean that there isn’t an animal on the planet that wouldn’t crawl in his lap or fall at his feet for some loving)
    His spirituality
    His intelligence

    sorry you are going to get six instead of five here… I also love that we have been the very best of friends since we were nine years old.

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  3. Top 5 things I love about my lady:
    1)her sense of humor is exactly like mine.
    2)I can be my complete self around her and she still loves me.
    3)she never gives up on my anxiety and schizophrenia, constantly she is trying to understand everyday.
    4)can make me smile on my worst days of depression.
    5)has a love for animals that makes her heart so large.

    This is an awesome idea for a post!!

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  4. Top 5 things I love about Paul
    1. How smart he is
    2. How incredible he is with all 6 of our children
    3. How patient he is with me
    4. How proud he is to be with me
    5. How he gets me to do things and watch things that are outside of the norm for me.

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  5. A great way to start the day by sharing five things I love about my man!
    I love his commitment to me and our relationship
    I love his sense of humor and smile
    I love his kind and easy disposition
    I love his passion
    I love his commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle for us as a team

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