Fit Friday-Blog Love!|Do You Make 10k Steps Happen?

Spreading the blog love this beautiful Friday and sharing a fellow blogger’s post. Be sure to spread the love and leave them a comment on their great post and if you’d like let them know how you found them. It’s always nice to get new visitors and know how they found their way over.

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2 Replies to “Fit Friday-Blog Love!|Do You Make 10k Steps Happen?”

  1. I have read and commented on the blog you just re-posted. I know so many people that put on the 10k but it is not something I can do – but I do wear a fitbit and have seen at least 4k…so maybe some day….my job requires that I sit at a desk all day but I try to get up as much as possible; and have used the park far away theory.

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    1. I understand what that’s like. I had to get creative and park farther away, take the stairs, and I’d go to the kitchen on another floor of the building to get my step rate up. Awesome job on putting in the effort!

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