Whatever Wednesday|Why You Should Be On Twitter (and Other Social Media)

I have to say, when I started blogging earlier in the year I thought the social media I had at the time was more than enough! I was on Facebook and Pinterest personally and decided to start a Facebook page for my blog and patted myself on the back. I’m not on Instagram and Twitter was something I tried when it first came out. At the time I didn’t think saying something in 140 characters or less would last very long and here we are and I’m now trying to catch up!

Danny wrote a post that made me decide to create a Twitter account for my blog. He talked about the importance of expanding your blog presence online here. The reason I personally decided to create a Twitter account for my blog was for sharing purposes. Just because I wasn’t on Twitter didn’t diminish the huge platform it has. If someone decided to share my post via the Twitter share button I have on each post, wouldn’t it make more sense for my blog to be easily accessible once that Tweet gets published? So instead of me taking the more comfortable route and calling it a day with the “social” media accounts I already had and letting via @wordpress show up at the end of a post shared via Twitter, I went ahead and created an account.

I went out in search of bloggers I already followed on WordPress and started to follow them via Twitter as well. I synced my new Twitter account to WordPress (tutorial here), started sharing each post via Twitter directly, and added my Twitter timeline to my sidebar. People started finding me on Twitter and while I don’t have many followers yet, I have noticed there’s a lot of exposure there. Someone will retweet a post that was directly tweeted when it was published. Then people that follow them will like and retweet it. Someone else will share a post from WordPress via Twitter and I’ll thank them in a retweet. So now this one post is getting exposure on a platform outside of WordPress without having to repost it or refresh the publish time.

Another reason I like being on Twitter is because I can share other blogger’s posts. I come across so many great posts and Tweeting them is a great way to share them! So why would you want to be on Twitter and sync it to your blog? Whenever I tweet someone’s post, I always try to make sure their Twitter handle (Twitter username) is shown after “via”. If Twitter isn’t synced to your blog, then “via @wordpress” will show up so instead of someone liking the tweet and being able to check your Twitter profile out and follow you, that potential follower has moved onto the next thing on their feed. I do try to look for people but if your Twitter handle doesn’t match your blog name then I don’t know how to find you if you haven’t provided it somewhere on your blog and I just delete “via @wordpress” and share the post. So don’t miss out on a free opportunity for someone else to promote your blog!

I understand the resistance to keeping up yet one more “social” media account but there are some great advantages to being on Twitter and other platforms. If you’re looking to grow your audience, it doesn’t take much to sync Twitter to your blog. You don’t have to tweet constant updates and even having your posts shared via Twitter directly gets your blog more exposure than just showing on the WordPress Reader. To get a little more out of my “social” media accounts, I try to post pictures and updates that don’t make it into a post. I could be better about this but my life just isn’t that interesting so I put up a few behind the blog moments up when I can. At the end of the day, you can gain followers from all of these different platforms and by getting exposure through those that you follow and those that follow them you’re growing your audience without a whole lot of extra effort.

Speaking of expanding your audience, if you want to get exposure to my blog village, feel free to contact me for more details on guest posting! Email me at nikissimplelife@gmail.com and I’ll fill you in!


For more blogging tips and tutorials, check out my Blogging Tips page!

Are you already on Twitter? Share your Twitter handle in the comments! If you aren’t did I make a case for you creating a Twitter account for your blog? What other platforms are you on for your blog?

Here are the platforms I’m on, connect with me there!

Facebook                             Google+                            Pinterest                                      Twitter

20 Replies to “Whatever Wednesday|Why You Should Be On Twitter (and Other Social Media)”

  1. I love Twitter! I’ve been on for about 3 years now. I get all sorts of people following me there that wouldn’t follow a blog, plus I have people following me for my cycling tweets as well as my juicing/wellbeing posts and the occasional comment on current affairs or gender affairs. I love the interaction, the humour etc which doesn’t happen so much on a blog like mine that is more informative than social. Thanks for helping me sort it out 😊 @thejuicenut Instagram is good for me too, I get all the foodies following me on Pearsnotparsnips with their beautiful photos. 👏🏻


    1. I’m not that into Twitter. I think I got on it too late and I just don’t understand it. It’s like everybody’s talking and nobody’s listening. I don’t know that’s definitely my least favorite social media I’m on. No worries, happy to help! I haven’t even touched Instagram yet… 😮


  2. I am Twitter obsessed. I am @momofalltrades5 and I LOVE RT those that RT me. And I always instantly follow back. I also use True Twit to keep true followers 🙂


    1. Oooooooooh that’s one of my favorites!!!!! That should come with a warning… highly addictive!! Every idea, tutorial, meme you can think of, man it’s dangerous! 😉


  3. I am JUST now starting to use Twitter and Tmbler myself. It’s tricky I think – Amina had to teach me how to tweet, I kid you not, but I’m tinkling along. I’m @theroad2there


    1. Yeah I’ve found it really slow to build up my audience on other social media. I have the most followers on Pinterest but that’s because I’ve been on it the longest and I just turned my personal account into my blog one. I didn’t see the point in having two for that. I’m one of those weirdos on Facebook that only friends actual friends or people that I know in real life. I might have 200 friends on Facebook so it makes building the blog’s Facebook page more work because I don’t have 5,000 friends that 10% of will hop over and check out the blog page and like it. Twitter has been the fastest that I’ve built up followers but the least interactive… that being said I do get views in my stats from it I just don’t get as high of a percentage of interactions as I do on other platforms.


  4. I go back and forth with wanting and liking twitter to feeling like by having one I am opting in to some sort of mass marketing. I deleted my twitter account a while ago and right now, I like not having one. I am not selling anything through my blog, so followers and exposure are just numbers on a stats page. This all could change some day. I really enjoy reading your blog (I should comment more).

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    1. I know exactly what you mean! It took a bit for me to get into the swing of Twitter. I don’t sell anything either but I enjoy the diversity of followers I’m able to engage with via different platforms 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂


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