Grateful Sunday|Divine Timing

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in 2 days! I’ve been so caught up with getting my business site ready to launch that I haven’t been able to pull myself away to tend to my blog the way I usually do. 

Today as I sit here writing this at 1:40 am taking a break from working on my business site, I’m so grateful for Divine timing. I’d been looking into resources for my business to get a better understanding of branding, logos, and all of the things that go hand in hand with those aspects. The very day I thought about looking into it, a timely webinar popped up on my Facebook feed. I signed up but wasn’t able to watch it live as I originally anticipated. I went to my Life Coaching class and what do you know?! The class was about business including resources for branding and marketing!

I’d been working on my business page for over a month and it was all set to go live on September 1st as planned. I felt accomplished but I knew something wasn’t quite right. The day after my Life Coaching class, I decided to watch the webinar since the presenter was kind enough to send out a playback. I didn’t realize the whirlwind the next 24 hours would be! After watching the webinar, something clicked. I got the girls to bed and decided to create my website from scratch! Granted, I’m using a WordPress powered site so the theme was built but as far as selecting it, customizing it, creating images, and content I was starting from square one.

You must be thinking I’m crazy! Who starts over from scratch a week before launch date? Apparently me. I worked on creating new content from 11 pm until 6:39 am. I wrote until my eyes felt like they were cutting through my eyelids. I slept for three hours, got a facial my mom so kindly gifted me months prior and went straight back to working on my site non-stop for another six hours. Thank goodness my mom was home because I was able to work uninterrupted during the day and didn’t have to pull another all-nighter. I did have to pull myself away to comfort my teething 1 year old but I didn’t allow myself the luxuries of showering or taking a break while I ate.

At this point the website is 90% complete. I expect to finish it within the next few hours. Then it’ll be time to edit it and have my mom take a look at it (you always need a fresh pair of eyes). Then I’ll come back to it in a day or two when words, colors, and pages aren’t blurring together and add any finishing touches. I’m so incredibly thankful for Divine timing because had that class been any other day or that webinar not popped up on my newsfeed I might not have changed my site. As crazy as it is to have done that so last minute, it’s the best thing I could have done! I’m absolutely in love with the way it’s all come together. I see the Divine inspiration in every aspect of the site and I can’t wait to be able to share it with all of you!

13 Replies to “Grateful Sunday|Divine Timing”

    1. Yes! It’s funny because I liked what I came up with logically but I loooooove what I got intuitively! It all came together in a way that would have taken my logical mind years to evolve to and put each piece together and make it all fit the way it does. So many levels of connection, definitely bigger than what I had going on. Thank you Jenny ❤

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