Whatever Wednesday|Happiness

Thanks for thinking of me Jess ❤ This is the first time I’ve heard of this but I’m more than happy to participate. 😉 I love posts like this that help readers get to know a little more about the person behind the blog and connect bloggers together. I love to read the post of the person that nominated me along with who nominated them, other nominees, and so on. I meet bloggers I otherwise might not have and it’s such a bread trail!

5 things that make me happy-

  • Spending time with my family- Quality time with them is one of my favorite things!
  • Watching my kids together- their cuddles, laughter, and silliness make my heart melt
  • Travelling- I love to explore and experience new places while making amazing memories
  • Uplifting others- It always makes me feel good to encourage, compliment and be nice to people
  • Good food- I love to eat a really good meal. Whether I prepare it and enjoy the process or it’s something I’ve ordered that has really great flavors that compliment one another and combinations I’ve never thought of. It’s not just the food but the experience and the company I enjoy it with

5 Songs that make me happy-

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole)- I get nostalgic every time I hear it. It’s one of those songs that makes me sad and happy at the same time in a strange way. It always brings the movie 50 First Dates to Mind and makes me think of unconditional love and takes me back to when my husband and I were dating ❤

  • Crusin’ (Smokey Robinson)- I love how smooth this song is! Smokey’s voice is so relaxing and this song just puts me in a great mood!

  • Red, Red Wine (UB40)- I love the carefreeness of this song. My oldest used to dance to this when she was little and it was the cutest thing. It always makes me think of her and my husband dancing together

  • Let’s Stay Together (Al Green)- This just makes me feel all in love

  • Happy (Pharrell Williams)- This is my youngest’s favorite song. She asks to listen to it multiple times a day and every time she hears it she gets just as excited. I could do without hearing it 20 times in a row but I love the beat, I can relate to the feeling, and I love seeing how happy this song makes my baby as she dances to it


Thanks again for thinking to tag me in a post like this Jess! I’m tagging 5 bloggers to participate should they choose to. They are a part of my blogging village if you don’t know them I encourage you to stop by!

No pressure, but if you’d like to participate, include 5 things and 5 songs that make you happy in your post!

10 Replies to “Whatever Wednesday|Happiness”

  1. Great songs and I totally get why you love uplifitng people. My best friend enjoyed talking to you. I told her that I follow your blog and you are absolutely encouraging and she should talk to you. I’m happy you two connected.


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