Thought-Provoking Thursday|Ego Vs. Spirit

Ego says -once everything falls into place I'll find peace-..png

Who wins this on a regular basis in your life? How do you find peace? Have you found this to be true? Do you find things working themselves out or life going more smoothly when you’re at peace? Do you find lasting peace when something comes together or is it short-lived and you’re off to the next project? How can you make room for more peace in your life to allow the answers to come in the silence in your mind?

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4 Replies to “Thought-Provoking Thursday|Ego Vs. Spirit”

  1. I genuinely believe when you find peace everything and I mean everything fall into place. No one person have a struggle with just one thing .. You find your peace and you clear your energy showing the universe that you are trusting and believing in the most high . Thats when everything begans to fall in place. We have a choice between choosing our fate ….Ego leads you astray sometimes…. finding peace heals so many open wounds and so many places that you never knew were broken

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  2. Peace can also come from listening to our inner voice telling us what exactly makes us happy and content. The more we listen to this voice, the more we will achieve harmony.


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