Meet & Greet Continues|First Port- Hawaii!

Today is day four of the around the world meet and greet adventure! Today we arrive at our first port today in Hilo, Hawaii! If you’ve ever been before, feel free to share a blog post in the comments to show us around. If this is your first time in Hawaii, feel free to check out some resources below to help you explore. If you haven’t yet joined our yacht party, wait no more! Be sure to come with a link in hand to another blogger’s post and be ready to meet some amazing people!

Join the meet and greet by clicking on the photo below!


If you like to know a bit of history and background about the places you visit, you might want to check this link out. For ideas of things to see and do, click here.

Just remember to be onboard by 8 pm local time!

For those of you that haven’t yet joined us, here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our current location-

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