Meet & Greet Weekend!

This week is flying by! I haven’t had a chance to get the word out, this weekend is meet and greet weekend! Make sure to help me spread the word so your neighbors in the blog community know where the party is!

Each meet and greet has its own theme, be sure to stop by on Friday to find out what it is! Come with a link to a fellow blogger’s post or blog in hand and be ready to meet new bloggers, add new blogs to your reader and have fun engaging with other bloggers! See you Friday!


32 Replies to “Meet & Greet Weekend!”

    1. Can’t wait to see you there! So glad you commented, I’ve had your blog open in one of my tabs as a list of things to do but now that you’re here…did you already put the mission up? If so I didn’t see it on my reader and I’m way behind on writing!! 😮

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      1. I’m way behind too – I’m getting the page setup, but kids are not giving me a break at all.

        I’m going to try and get it up in the next few days and I will hope that this will ping through and inform you. I will be checking though!

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    Nikki at is having a Meet n Greet this weekend. come join in the fun starting Friday.
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