Whatever Wednesday|Staycation With My Girls

I didn’t have internet coverage in time to post this for last Sunday’s Grateful Sunday post so I wanted to share it today. I’m grateful for the beautiful weekend I was able to spend with my daughters and my mom. We took a staycation to Sedona, a beautiful getaway for many Phoenicians. It’s about a two hour drive towards the northern part of the state. The reward of venturing a couple of hours north is the 15° drop in temperature and the beautiful canvas of colors. From the deep red hues of the rocks to the magnificent sunsets, nature spoils you with its beauty. Not only is it visually appealing and an escape from the heat but it’s such a spiritual experience for me.

recreated photo
Our best attempt at recreating a photo in the same spot we took it nearly 8 years ago when she was just three weeks old.

I was telling my mom that even back before I knew that Sedona was known for its spiritual vortexes I always went there when I needed to slow down. Not just get a break from the over-packed schedule of a busy life but to experience peace. Whenever my husband and I would go to Sedona we’d both come back feeling so refreshed. Our minds would be cleared and we’d feel we’d been reset like a computer that was malfunctioning. I realize now that it’s the beautiful energy that Sedona has.

case of crystals
I fell in love with this display! My favorite color in so many shades!

We spent our first girls getaway going for walks, enjoying delicious meals, shopping for crystals, and enjoying nature. We even hiked to a place known for its spiritual energy, did a meditation and infused our crystals with the peaceful energy that surrounded us. I have a few bracelets I bought and I infused with the peace I feel when I’m in Sedona that will help me to find that peaceful feeling in a matter of seconds when I find myself getting frustrated or overwhelmed.

We enjoyed our staycation so much that we extended it from two nights to three. The night before we had to leave we realized we weren’t ready to go! Luckily the inn we were staying at was able to accommodate us for one more night. That gave us time to browse through crystals, books and spiritual items at our leisure. It gave us the opportunity to relish the purples, pinks and oranges in the sky with the red rocks in the foreground. It allowed us one more day to walk along the trails and enjoy the luscious greenery that surrounded us. Today I’m thankful for all of the wonderful things that made up the experience of a staycation with the most important girls in my life.

16 Replies to “Whatever Wednesday|Staycation With My Girls”

    1. It was so much fun! Just my type of getaway! We just went with the flow, no obligations, let the road call our name for the adventure, it was great! The first trip we’ve done with just the girls and I think it will be a yearly thing 🙂

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    1. Thank you! We took the original on a camera so it’s a better quality picture. A pretty bad storm was rolling in when we took this year’s picture so as much as I wanted to stand in just the right spot and do our best to make it look the same, my daughter just wanted to high tail it out of there because the thunder was pretty intimidating 🙂

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