Join the Community!

I’ve started a Facebook community that focuses on showcasing kindness. Each week I post a prompt (much like I did for The Kindness Challenge) and you can leave examples, stories and or photos in the comments. The intention is to spread the kindness that you witness or experience so that we can flood the wall with things that focus on kind and positive stories.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be apart of, all you have to do is like the page to join! Once you join, lookout for the weekly prompt posted on Mondays. You can share kindness in any form on the wall or share kindness related to the prompt in the comments. Please spread the word with anyone you think might be interested or that could use a dose of positivity in their feed! This community is just getting started and your participation and spreading the word is what will help it grow!

Everyday Kindness
Click to stop by the community! Like, share and participate!

14 Replies to “Join the Community!”

    1. Thanks for sharing Chris! I really appreciate it! That’s so strange, I clicked on the photo and it took me there… I’ll try it from my phone and see if I have trouble. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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