#Momlife Monday|Gently Parenting A Strong-Willed Child

I have to admit not only am I the parent of a two strong-willed girls, I was also a strong-willed child. I’ve found a post I’d like to share from one of my favorite Gentle Parenting resources. L.R. Knost had me from the moment she highlighted that the same qualities society often deems desirable in an adult are shunned and frowned upon in children. While it can be difficult to parent a strong-willed child, if you learn to parent them gracefully you will nurture some excellent characteristics that will benefit them greatly; especially if they learn to embrace that part of them rather than disconnect from it. We often want our children to grow up to possess these qualities but are we as enthusiastic while they’re young and learning how to embody them? I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, especially if you have a strong-willed child or two.

There are some children who are born into the world with the incredible life-gift of a strong will and an indomitable spirit. These children are often deeply misunderstood, and there are rows of books lining bookstore shelves with instructions about how to break their will, how to subdue their spirit, how to force their obedience. What an incredible loss of leadership, passion, and insight this world suffers when parents follow these punitive parenting practices. Not only can we parent these gifted children with gentleness and respect, but the gifts we get in return are priceless!

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You might enjoy this post about parenting through understanding.

Can you relate? Do you have a strong-willed child? Have you tried any of the methods mentioned in L.R. Knost’s article? Were you a strong-willed child? What are your thoughts on this week’s topic? Do you have any parenting topics that you’d like to discuss or see covered? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share in the comments! Happy Monday!

12 Replies to “#Momlife Monday|Gently Parenting A Strong-Willed Child”

  1. Yes, I can relate. I was a strong willed child so it’s no surprise that Munch is too. I’ve never read their tips. I would love to get some suggestions on keeping your child reading when the don’t want too.

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    1. I try to place myself in my 7 year old shoes often, especially when I see my own 7 year old struggling with the stigma of being a strong-willed little person. There are some great tips on that post, it’s long but well worth the read.

      Thanks for the suggestion Tikeetha! I’ll write about that for next Monday’s parenting post. Have a great rest of your day!

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