Sweetheart Saturday GUEST POST|A Breath of Fresh Air

A fellow blogger from our blogging village reached out and wanted to guest post about long distance relationships. If you haven’t met Olha, please stop by and pay her a visit!

A Breath of Fresh Air

That is exactly what I consider long distance relationships, a breath of fresh air. I never imagined I would be in such a relationship. I was one of those people who said “long distance does not work”, but little did I know. My mind changed the summer of 2013, when on a yearly vacation in Ukraine, I met my boyfriend of three years now. We are separated by oceans but it truly does not feel like it.Sure, we have our days where we feel lonely. But hey, who doesn’t?


Long distance relationships are just as healthy as local ones and to me, there are many positive sides to such relationships. You definitely have enough “alone time”, something many people in local relationships don’t have time for, as the presence of his or her partner is choking them. Communication over the phone gives you a chance to write/say something you normally would not be able to say in person. In such a relationship, you have a chance to really see how strong your relationship is. You learn many valuable lessons, the importance of planning, prioritizing and effective communication. As you start to emotionally support each other you develop a strong bond, you start to appreciate little things, such as Skype calls, even those that last a couple minutes.

Your romantic side, which you may never knew existed, starts coming out because you start thinking of ways to make your loved one feel special. As this relationship grows, you learn new things about yourself, and you grow with it. The commitment and trust level is at its highest, and if it is not, then you know where you two stand. Of course, you are going to have the “is it really worth it” moments, but those are totally fine. After all, when choosing a partner for the rest of your life you want to be positive that you are making the right choice. But, there is a difference between having small doubts and not giving it your all. Distance is a way for you to view your relationship from a different side, see whether he/she is “The One”. In my situation, I saw that those long Skype calls, thousands of texts, disagreements and tears of frustration are worth it. Long distance relationships are a life-changing experience, and if you have a chance to experience something like that, take it!


Here’s a post about distance in local relationships.

Sweetheart Saturday (1)

You might enjoy this post if you missed it the first time around.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Are you currently in one? In your opinion, what elements strengthen a long distance relationship? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share in the comments!

Thank you Olha for reaching out to share this with my blogging village and thank you for sharing your story! 

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