Fit Friday- Blog Love!|Do you make 10,000 steps happen?

Spreading the blog love this beautiful Friday and sharing a fellow blogger’s post. Be sure to spread the love and leave them a comment on their great post and if you’d like let them know how you found them. It’s always nice to get new visitors and know how they found their way over.

Science has long proven the benefits exercise has on our physical and mental well-being. Staying in shape and exercising regularly has been a part of my routine for many years. However recently I decided to actually measure my activity and collect data to see if my exercise habits are actually meeting the 10,000 step guideline ( about […]

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Have you met this week’s fitness goals? What helped you get there? What kept you from meeting it? What can you do differently this week? What’s your top fitness goal for next week? Feel free to share in the comments! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! 

Don’t forget to leave comments on the original blogger’s post. I’m spreading the blog love, this isn’t my post. 

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10 Replies to “Fit Friday- Blog Love!|Do you make 10,000 steps happen?”

  1. I try to get my steps in everyday. Depends on how many engagements I have throughout the day that involve sitting. I try to get out and walk at night if I can. But I also coach three nights a week so that gets me on my feet!

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    1. When my daughter is in school I get my steps in easily. It’s a mile each way and I walk there and back twice a day so that’s 4 miles plus our evening family walk which is over a mile. I can really see the difference in my body and my endurance when I meet that daily. I haven’t been as active for the past month so I need to get with it! 🙂


      1. That’s a great idea! we’ve been looking at schools since we just moved. we dont have kids yet but hopefully soon. theres a school a few blocks away and I am SO excited to walk them there in the mornings and pick them up. I didnt get to do that growing up and wish i had been able to spend that time with my parents. what a great bonding time…while getting FIT!

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      2. It’s crazy but it’s a GREAT time to bond! On the way to school we’re silly and she’s excited for the day to start. On the way home she tells me all about her day while it’s fresh. Neither of us have any distractions and we focus on the conversation at hand. One of the best parts of my day and yes, we are active!

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