Whatever Wednesday|Netflix Recommendations!

There are two things that I love about Netflix-

  • The ability to watch a full episode without a single commercial
  • The fact that I can watch episode after episode and go through an entire season in a week weekend

I’m coming to that point that I’ve watched so many great shows that I don’t know what to watch next! So I figured I’d open up the conversation to talk about our favorite shows so we can share and discover new ones to watch. Personally I love crime shows, suspense and thrillers, historical dramas and family shows. Netflix Originals are really good and I’m really into British dramas.

After scrolling through my watch history, here are my top five series on Netflix-

  1. Parenthood- I’m still in denial that this show ended. I loved how relatable the show was, the real-life scenarios, the struggles and family dynamic. Great show to watch with your partner and discuss episodes with and how they relate to your own relationship and family life.
  2. Dexter- I know the show ended a while ago but I’m not going to lie, this is one of my all time favorite series. I had a love hate relationship with Dexter. The serial killer with morals…
  3. The Last Kingdom- Since Vikings isn’t on Netflix this is a close second. It’s about a boy watching his father being killed in battle and being taken by the Vikings that defeated his father.
  4. Peaky Blinders- A show based in Birmingham…England in the 1920’s. The story of four brothers running their own business and all that comes with building an empire.
  5. How I met Your Mother- What’s not to love about this show?! You can’t help but fall in love with the characters and their witty lines will crack you up several times throughout the episode.

My mom is a Netflix lover as well so I had her give me her top 5-

  1. Law & Order SVU- This show, many times based on true events, pulls at your heartstrings in more than one way… the pain of the victims and their loved ones will break your heart but the dedication and care shown by law enforcement will uplift you.
  2. Criminal Minds- These FBI special agents work tirelessly to find the “unsub” & bring them to justice no matter what the personal cost.
  3. Happy Valley-  This show about loss, love for the job, depression & so many other emotions humankind deals can definitely be a tearjerker… it reminds me to be grateful for all the good things I have in life.
  4. The Killing- If you like a “dark” show with plot twists then this is definitely the one for you, it will keep you coming  back for more!
  5. Call the Midwife- A show based in London in the 1960’s about the Nonnatus House midwives. A show that speaks of love, friendship, family, dedication and coming into your own.

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Share your favorite Netflix series in the comments and let us know why you like that show so much! 

62 Replies to “Whatever Wednesday|Netflix Recommendations!”

      1. OITNB is the one show I can blow through in like 3 days haha House of Cards took me a couple of tries, but I think I enjoy not knowing what could happen next.
        A show that I use to watch on cable that I think is on Netflix now is Graceland.
        Here is the internets synopsis of it:
        From the outside, Graceland is the idyllic beachfront home of a group of diverse young roommates. On the inside, it’s the residence and operations center of vital agents of the FBI, DEA and U.S. Customs — the place got its name because it was seized from a drug lord obsessed with Elvis Presley. Young FBI agent Mike Warren is sent to Graceland, unexpectedly, while he is anticipating a traditional Washington desk job. Thrown into the fire with this undercover assignment, Warren relies heavily on mentor Paul Briggs, a senior agent who conceals the compound’s activities from the world.

        That’s a show my husband and I would watch together too, which is always a bonus πŸ˜‰

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      2. Yeah I fly through Orange. This season felt a little slow to me for some reason. They sure know how to end each season though! I loved the first few seasons of House of Cards and started the most recent one and I couldn’t get into it. Hmmm I’ve heard of Graceland but didn’t know what it was about… I might have to add that to my watchlist if it is on Netflix… πŸ™‚ Yeah my husband is more into historical dramas so we watch Vikings, The Last Kingdom and shows like that together which is fine by me πŸ™‚


      3. I looooove Vikings granted it doesn’t hurt that Ragnar is so easy on the eyes πŸ˜‰

        Game of Thrones lost me… The dragons was too much for me for some reason. I loved it up until that point. Tyrion was my favorite and what made me hold on as long as I did. I’m the odd man out on that show. My husband got me into Sons of Anarchy…I never did finish it though. Blacklist is on my watchlist. White Collar is another one that I enjoyed. There were a few more that I really liked but I they were cancelled shows… The Glades is a good one but cancelled…


    1. Oh my gosh!!! I you have to get on it! I only watch regular TV for What Would You Do and 20/20. No commercials, you can watch your favorite show episode after episode, no waiting from week to week. I’ve had Netflix since it came out and I still had a DVD player πŸ˜‰


  1. I loved the first season of The Killing, but something went wrong in season 2. On Netflix, I also like Master of None and Bloodline. Bloodline starts slowwww and gets better.

    I lost interest in this last season of House of Cards, too. Still watched it but wasn’t thrilled. I mostly just can’t keep up with who did what to whom ….so half the time I am just trying to figure out why this one hates that one. It’s become too much work!

    Haven’t heard of Happy Valley…will check that one out.

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    1. I can’t remember what it was but I did have to push myself to continue watching The Killing but it did go on to get better. I really enjoyed it. I can’t remember if I told my mom about it or she told me about it but either way I did enjoy it. Ooooohhhh I loved Master of None! He’s sooooo funny! Speaking of which, they left us hanging on that show…I just looked and season 2 is supposed to come out next year… Yeah House just became too hard for me to follow. I have to pause shows, change diapers, put kids to bed, try to listen over toys getting banged on chairs…it was just too much for me to keep up with. Glad you could find something to add to your watchlist πŸ™‚


  2. I watch too much Netflix! Bit it’s pretty cool, I love the somewhat fantasy-historical series such as Sense8, under the dome, continuum, but one of my big favourites are orphan black when 1 awesome actress actually plays various characters and the light-hearted Grace & Frankie with our old favourites! 😊

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    1. I’ve been a Scandal fan since the beginning. I haven’t watched the most current season since it comes out a season late overseas. I’ll be catching up though. I loooooved Lie to Me. Great shows, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. Nashville has got to be my quintessential fun show, but then there is the mystique of Roswell and the down-hominesss of Gilmore Girls. I dunno. I guess my tastes are varied. πŸ™‚

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    1. I watched the first season of Nashville and don’t remember why I didn’t go back for more. I haven’t seen either other the other two, might have to add them to my watchlist πŸ˜‰

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  4. Orange was perfect seasons 1 and 2, started sideways in season 3 but redeemed itself about three episodes in. I still haven’t watched season 4, but people are saying good things about it, so…

    Sense8 — PHENOMENAL! Continuum — fantastic! Grace & Frankie — well worth watching.

    But the series that surprised me, that I resisted for years because I didn’t believe I would enjoy the premise at all — Breaking Bad. The best storytelling, characters written and portrayed with such depth and honesty, excitement, emotion, and it never went sideways. I’ve watched all 5 seasons twice and I’m ready to watch it again. I do believe it’s the best television series I have ever seen, And considering my addiction to LOST, that’s saying something. πŸ˜‰

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    1. This season of Orange felt really slow to me. Half way through I decided that the final episode of the season would determine if I continued watching or not.

      You know, I haven’t seen Breaking Bad. Everyone raved about it but my husband didn’t like it so we watch other things together and then I have my shows I know he won’t watch so I’ve been watching those on my own time. Maybe Breaking Bad will have to go on that list.

      Have you seen Weeds? I really liked that one!

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      1. I watched the first three seasons. It was lots of fun until she seemed never to learn from her past so she kept making the same stupid choices. (I believe she was pregnant with a drug lord’s baby when I stopped watching. But my son still watched.) I highly recommend Breaking Bad — I was hooked within the first 20 minutes.

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      2. Haha it’s one of those shows that I can mindlessly watch. I don’t have to pay attention to every detail to keep up…Sometimes I need a show like that in my life πŸ™‚

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  5. Grace and Frankie is hilarious! The new netflix original LOVE is also entertaining. Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, House of Cards. Of course OITNB, we watched quite a few seasons of Weeds then got tapped out. Breaking Bad is a must. It is TOTALLY not my kind of thing, drugs REALLY freak me out, but I got past that and fell in love.

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