Sweetheart Saturday|How Do You Know?

I can remember having talks with my grandma in my teenage and young adult years about love, relationships and marriage. I admire her for the sweet, caring, loving, and beautiful woman that she is. I respect her wisdom and experience and will never forget the answer she gave me whenever I asked her how do you know when you’ve found the one? Her answer was simple and it seemed vague and evasive until the day that I experienced it for myself. Her answer was always, “You’ll just know. When you meet the one, you won’t have to ask”.

I can remember calling her one day to tell her that her answer finally made sense. The answer was there was no question! I knew that I wasn’t just in love but I loved my boyfriend at the time in a way I hadn’t loved anyone else. We had a connection that I wasn’t able to explain. We were comfortable being ourselves with each other. We spent every moment we could on the phone talking or just being together. We enjoyed the same music and bonded over the love songs of the 60’s and 70’s that just can’t be replicated. We loved movies in a way that transported us into them and we’d spend hours after the movie talking about it. He had a way of making me feel comfortable to bare my soul without feeling naked.

I remember the excitement in my voice, the hours I spent on the phone with my grandma telling her about this guy that I just started dating a couple of months before. I expected her to tell me to slow down, that we were moving too fast, for her to not understand how I felt. I remember being shocked and then reassured by how supportive she was, never judging me for a second or telling me to slow down, to think it over, to be cautious. My grandma is a romantic and the definition of an optimist. I knew by the tone of her voice in her words of encouragement that she wasn’t just saying what I wanted to hear. She reminded me that she’s known me my whole life and it was the first time I told her I’d found the one.

She reassured me that the amount of time we dated wasn’t an indication of how long our relationship would last once we went from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. Having a story for every occasion she told me of people that dated for years only to get divorced after months of marriage. She told me of people that had whirlwind romances only to realize they didn’t really like each other once the novelty wore off. She told me of people that spent years in marriages that the flame had gone out long ago. She also told me of people that didn’t date “long enough” for societal norms and had strong loving marriages. People that had been childhood friends, never dated and went on to marry and live long happy lives together. People that dated for years and went on to be married for many more. I realized that she was telling me that there’s no one size fits all. The timeline of every relationship looks different. She told me that as long as it felt right to me, then it was right for me. I will always appreciate her words of wisdom, encouragement, and her ability to see the beauty in every situation. Her answer so many years ago never made sense until I experienced it for myself and knew without question that my now husband was the one.

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How did you know when you met the one? Was it a feeling? Who did you tell first? Did you confide in someone or did you just spread the news? Meeting the one doesn’t mean that you have or will get married! That’s the beauty of it, it looks different for everyone! I’d love to hear how you knew, feel free to share in the comments!

13 Replies to “Sweetheart Saturday|How Do You Know?”

  1. She sounds like she was a remarkable and inspirational lady in your life. I met my Gaz four years ago – in a very turbulent time in my life. We just seem too bring out the best in each other. We have both changed so much and for the better. It was destined to be. He is my King. Every day with him is a rainbow day x

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  2. Wish my grandma was around long enough to see me married, she passed when I was 16. I did get married when I was 28 and was not expecting it as I decided I would never meet a good man. But alas I remember one thing she said about marriage – there is a lid for every pot – here I am going on 42 years of marriage…he certainly was my lid….

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